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First of all, if you’re looking for the best alternative to Bitcoin, you’ve reached the right website. Indeed, I’m a cryptocurrency specialist and I love everything about alternative coins: buying, selling, mining and spending! And I’m now ready to share my knowledge with you on the BestBitcoinAlternative.com. Because it’s not that easy to get into altcoins. While most information is available online, it’s hard for newbies to understand. I know, I’ve been there too! And that’s where I can help.

What are the best altcoins?

It all started a few years back when I was browsing the web and I discovered Bitcoin, the first altcoin ever. At the beginning, it was just a bunch of geeks working on a Peer-to-Peer electronic cash system. And there were very few supporters, adopters and contributors.

But you could feel there was something special happening. The Bitcoin community now calls it one of the most important inventions in all of human history. Indeed, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies allow anyone to send or receive money without restrictions.

And I guess they were right, when you see the success of the Bitcoin nowadays. Plus all these new altcoins that are created every year. Sometimes it’s hard to follow! No wonder you don’t know what is the best Bitcoin competitor – yet.

But thanks to my reviews, you’ll be able to grasp which is the best altcoin. Because I clearly explain all you need to know about cryptocoins. Once you’re done reading, you’ll be initiated!

Why should you learn about the best Bitcoin alternative?

Well, not all alternative coins are created equal. So the opportunities to invest in cryptocurrency may differ from one coin to the other. Therefore, if you’re serious about finding out what the best alternative to Bitcoin is, there is much to consider.

Fortunately, I’m here to help you narrow your search for the best Bitcoin alternative: Reliable, secure and with a good value for the money.

How to buy Bitcoins or the best altcoins?

After the basics of digital coins, I’ll tell you how to find the best exchange to trade your local currency for altcoins. And you’ll have to learn how to secure your coins with a wallet (software or hardware). Because with cryptocoins, you don’t need to use bank services any longer. Indeed, you’re your own bank!

Therefore, you have to keep your coins safe. Because it would be too bad to lose your investment because you shared your private key with the wrong person…

On BestBitcoinAlternative.com, even morons can get it!

Keep it simple is my motto in life and on my website. Therefore, I’ll make it easy for you to understand how things work. Even when it gets technical, you’ll find the right explanations and images to clarify my points. While you don’t really need to know everything about coins, a little background won’t harm.

Furthermore, your lucky because I’m on a mission! And my objective is to make you find the best Bitcoin competitor easily. Therefore, I review all the altcoins and the must-have tools in my articles that anybody can read and understand. If you’re ready to enter the world of altcoins, then start reading my resources and guides!

Finally, I even created a straightforward top currency list for you. When you’re done with all this, you’ll be able to find the best Bitcoin alternative (almost) by yourself!

CoinAlgorithm; Proof typeTotal supply
Bitcoin (BTC) Bitcoin (BTC)SHA256; PoW21000000
Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum (ETH)Ethash; PoW-
Litecoin (LTC) Litecoin (LTC)Scrypt; PoW84000000
DigitalCash (DASH) DigitalCash (DASH)X11; PoW/PoS22000000
Monero (XMR) Monero (XMR)CryptoNight; PoW-
Nxt (NXT) Nxt (NXT)PoS; PoS/LPoS1000000000
Ethereum Classic (ETC) Ethereum Classic (ETC)Ethash; PoW-
Dogecoin (DOGE) Dogecoin (DOGE)Scrypt; PoW-
ZCash (ZEC) ZCash (ZEC)Equihash; PoW21000000
Bitshares (BTS) Bitshares (BTS)SHA-512; PoS2511953117
DigiByte (DGB) DigiByte (DGB)Multiple; PoW21000000000
Ripple (XRP) Ripple (XRP)N/A; N/A38305873865
BitcoinDark (BTCD) BitcoinDark (BTCD)SHA256; PoW/PoS22000000
PeerCoin (PPC) PeerCoin (PPC)N/A; N/A-
CraigsCoin (CRAIG) CraigsCoin (CRAIG)X11; PoS30000000
Bitstake (XBS) Bitstake (XBS)X11; PoW/PoS1300000
PayCoin (XPY) PayCoin (XPY)SHA256; PoS12500000
ProsperCoin (PRC) ProsperCoin (PRC)Scrypt; PoW21000000
YbCoin (YBC) YbCoin (YBC)Multiple; N/A200000000
DarkKush (DANK) DarkKush (DANK)X13; PoW/PoS3000000
GiveCoin (GIVE) GiveCoin (GIVE)X11; PoW500000000
KoboCoin (KOBO) KoboCoin (KOBO)X15; PoW/PoS350000000
DarkToken (DT) DarkToken (DT)NIST5; PoW/PoS-
CETUS Coin (CETI) CETUS Coin (CETI)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
Supcoin (SUP) Supcoin (SUP)N/A; PoW-
PetroDollar (XPD) PetroDollar (XPD)SHA256D; N/A122107462
GeoCoin (GEO) GeoCoin (GEO)Scrypt; N/A1000000000
CleverHash (CHASH) CleverHash (CHASH)N/A; N/A-
Spreadcoin (SPR) Spreadcoin (SPR)X11; PoW20000000
Insanity Coin (WOLF) Insanity Coin (WOLF)X11; PoW50000000
DogeParty (XDP) DogeParty (XDP)N/A; N/A-
2015 coin (2015) 2015 coin (2015)X11; PoW/PoS-
42 Coin (42) 42 Coin (42)Scrypt; PoW/PoS42
Asia Coin (AC) Asia Coin (AC)Scrypt; PoS-
ACoin (ACOIN) ACoin (ACOIN)SHA256; PoW1600000
Aero Coin (AERO) Aero Coin (AERO)X13; PoS7000000
AlphaCoin (ALF) AlphaCoin (ALF)Scrypt; PoW210182000
Aegis (AGS) Aegis (AGS)X13; PoS-
AmericanCoin (AMC) AmericanCoin (AMC)Scrypt; PoW168000000
AlienCoin (ALN) AlienCoin (ALN)Scrypt; PoW200000000
ApexCoin (APEX) ApexCoin (APEX)X13; PoW/PoS6000000
ArchCoin (ARCH) ArchCoin (ARCH)Scrypt; PoS16403135
Argentum (ARG) Argentum (ARG)Scrypt; PoW64000000
AriCoin (ARI) AriCoin (ARI)Scrypt; PoW322649400
Aurora Coin (AUR) Aurora Coin (AUR)Scrypt; PoW/PoS21000000
BattleCoin (BCX) BattleCoin (BCX)SHA256; PoS100000000
Benjamins (BEN) Benjamins (BEN)SHA256; PoW12800000
BetaCoin (BET) BetaCoin (BET)SHA256; PoW32000000
BitBean (BITB) BitBean (BITB)SHA256; PoW/PoS50000000000
BlueCoin (BLU) BlueCoin (BLU)X11; PoW/PoS500000000
BlackCoin (BLK) BlackCoin (BLK)Scrypt; PoS-
BoostCoin (BOST) BoostCoin (BOST)X13; PoW/PoS-
BQCoin (BQC) BQCoin (BQC)Scrypt; PoW88000000
MyriadCoin (XMY) MyriadCoin (XMY)Multiple; PoW2000000000
MoonCoin (MOON) MoonCoin (MOON)Scrypt; PoW384000000000
ZetaCoin (ZET) ZetaCoin (ZET)SHA256; PoW-
SexCoin (SXC) SexCoin (SXC)Scrypt; PoW250000000
Quatloo (QTL) Quatloo (QTL)Scrypt; PoW100000000
EnergyCoin (ENRG) EnergyCoin (ENRG)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
QuarkCoin (QRK) QuarkCoin (QRK)Multiple; PoW247000000
Riecoin (RIC) Riecoin (RIC)Groestl; PoW84000000
DigiCoin (DGC) DigiCoin (DGC)Scrypt; PoW48166000
LimeCoinX (LIMX) LimeCoinX (LIMX)X11; PoW21000000
BitBar (BTB) BitBar (BTB)Scrypt; PoW/PoS500000
CAIx (CAIx) CAIx (CAIx)Scrypt; PoS-
ByteCoin (BTE) ByteCoin (BTE)SHA256; PoW21000000
BitGem (BTG*) BitGem (BTG*)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1500000
BitMark (BTM) BitMark (BTM)Scrypt; PoW27580000
CryptoBuk (BUK) CryptoBuk (BUK)Scrypt; PoW/PoS100000000
Cachecoin (CACH) Cachecoin (CACH)Scrypt; PoW2000000000
CannabisCoin (CANN) CannabisCoin (CANN)X11; PoW-
BottleCaps (CAP) BottleCaps (CAP)Scrypt; PoW/PoS47433600
CashCoin (CASH) CashCoin (CASH)Scrypt; PoW/PoS47433600
Catcoin (CAT1) Catcoin (CAT1)Scrypt; PoW21000000
CryptoBullion (CBX) CryptoBullion (CBX)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1000000
CannaCoin (CCN) CannaCoin (CCN)Scrypt; PoW13140000
CinderCoin (CIN) CinderCoin (CIN)Multiple; PoW/PoS114000000
CheckCoin (CXC) CheckCoin (CXC)N/A; PoS100000000
CloakCoin (CLOAK) CloakCoin (CLOAK)X13; PoW/PoS-
CopperLark (CLR) CopperLark (CLR)SHA256; PoW27200000
CosmosCoin (CMC) CosmosCoin (CMC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS100000000
ChinaCoin (CNC) ChinaCoin (CNC)Scrypt; PoW462500000
ConcealCoin (CNL) ConcealCoin (CNL)X11; PoW8500000
Community Coin (COMM) Community Coin (COMM)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1000000000
CoolCoin (COOL) CoolCoin (COOL)Scrypt; PoS100000000
CrackCoin (CRACK) CrackCoin (CRACK)X11; PoW6000000
CraftCoin (CRC*) CraftCoin (CRC*)Scrypt; PoW100000000
CryptCoin (CRYPT) CryptCoin (CRYPT)X11; PoW18000000
CasinoCoin (CSC) CasinoCoin (CSC)N/A; PoC40000000000
eMark (DEM) eMark (DEM)SHA256; PoW/PoS210000000
Diamond (DMD) Diamond (DMD)Groestl; PoW/PoS4380000
Verge (XVG) Verge (XVG)Multiple; PoW16555000000
DarkCash (DRKC) DarkCash (DRKC)X11; PoW/PoS3720000
DarkShibe (DSB) DarkShibe (DSB)Scrypt; PoW2043962
DevCoin (DVC) DevCoin (DVC)SHA256; PoW21000000000
EarthCoin (EAC) EarthCoin (EAC)Scrypt; PoW13500000000
E-Gulden (EFL) E-Gulden (EFL)Scrypt; PoW21000000
Elacoin (ELC) Elacoin (ELC)Scrypt; PoW75000000
Einsteinium (EMC2) Einsteinium (EMC2)Scrypt; PoW299792458
Emerald (EMD) Emerald (EMD)Scrypt; PoW31499000
Exclusive Coin (EXCL) Exclusive Coin (EXCL)PoS; PoS4000000
ExeCoin (EXE) ExeCoin (EXE)Scrypt; PoW21000000
EZCoin (EZC) EZCoin (EZC)Scrypt; PoW84000000
Flappy Coin (FLAP) Flappy Coin (FLAP)Scrypt; PoW100000000000
Fuel2Coin (FC2) Fuel2Coin (FC2)X11; PoS100000000
FireflyCoin (FFC) FireflyCoin (FFC)SHA256; PoW700000000000
FireRoosterCoin (FRC) FireRoosterCoin (FRC)SHA256; PoW2602410
FlutterCoin (FLT) FlutterCoin (FLT)Scrypt; PoS/PoW/PoT-
Franko (FRK) Franko (FRK)Scrypt; PoW11235813
FractalCoin (FRAC) FractalCoin (FRAC)X11; PoW1000000
FastCoin (FST) FastCoin (FST)Scrypt; PoW165888000
FeatherCoin (FTC) FeatherCoin (FTC)Scrypt; PoW336000000
GrandCoin (GDC) GrandCoin (GDC)Scrypt; PoW1420609614
GlobalCoin (GLC) GlobalCoin (GLC)Scrypt; PoW70000000
GoldCoin (GLD) GoldCoin (GLD)Scrypt; PoW72245700
GalaxyCoin (GLX) GalaxyCoin (GLX)Scrypt; PoW/PoS538214400
GlyphCoin (GLYPH) GlyphCoin (GLYPH)X11; PoW/PoS7000000
GameLeagueCoin (GML) GameLeagueCoin (GML)Scrypt; PoW/PoS500000000
GuerillaCoin (GUE) GuerillaCoin (GUE)X11; PoW/PoS19500000
Halcyon (HAL) Halcyon (HAL)X15; PoW/PoS-
HoboNickels (HBN) HoboNickels (HBN)Scrypt; PoW/PoS120000000
HunterCoin (HUC) HunterCoin (HUC)Multiple; PoW42000000
HeavyCoin (HVC) HeavyCoin (HVC)Multiple; PoW128000000
Hyperstake (HYP) Hyperstake (HYP)X11; PoW/PoS-
IceBergCoin (ICB) IceBergCoin (ICB)NIST5; PoW/PoS8750000
Infinite Coin (IFC) Infinite Coin (IFC)Scrypt; PoW9060000000000000000
IOCoin (IOC) IOCoin (IOC)X11; PoW/PoS-
IXcoin (IXC) IXcoin (IXC)SHA256; PoW21000000
JumBucks Coin (JBS) JumBucks Coin (JBS)X11; PoW/PoS3293010
JunkCoin (JKC) JunkCoin (JKC)Scrypt; PoW107000000
JudgeCoin (JUDGE) JudgeCoin (JUDGE)X13; PoW/PoS21600000
Klondike Coin (KDC) Klondike Coin (KDC)Scrypt; PoW20000000
KeyCoin (KEY*) KeyCoin (KEY*)X13; PoW/PoS1000000
KrugerCoin (KGC) KrugerCoin (KGC)Scrypt; PoW265420800
CoinWorksCoin (LAB*) CoinWorksCoin (LAB*)Multiple; PoW1000000
Legendary Coin (LGD*) Legendary Coin (LGD*)Scrypt; PoW/PoS10000000
Lucky7Coin (LK7) Lucky7Coin (LK7)Scrypt; PoW/PoS99792000
LuckyCoin (LKY) LuckyCoin (LKY)Scrypt; PoW20000000
LightSpeedCoin (LSD) LightSpeedCoin (LSD)NIST5; PoW/PoS900000
Litebar  (LTB) Litebar (LTB)Scrypt; PoW1350000
LitecoinDark (LTCD) LitecoinDark (LTCD)Scrypt; PoW82003200
LitecoinX (LTCX) LitecoinX (LTCX)X11; PoW84000000
LibrexCoin (LXC) LibrexCoin (LXC)X11; PoW/PoS1000000
LycanCoin (LYC) LycanCoin (LYC)Scrypt; PoW4950000000
MaxCoin (MAX) MaxCoin (MAX)SHA3; PoW/PoS100000000
MegaCoin (MEC) MegaCoin (MEC)Scrypt; PoW42000000
MediterraneanCoin (MED) MediterraneanCoin (MED)HybridScryptHash256; PoW200000000
Minerals Coin (MIN) Minerals Coin (MIN)X11; PoW/PoS1000000
MintCoin (MINT) MintCoin (MINT)Scrypt; PoS-
Cryptsy Mining Contract (MN) Cryptsy Mining Contract (MN)SHA256; PoW-
MinCoin (MNC) MinCoin (MNC)Scrypt; PoW10000000
MurrayCoin (MRY) MurrayCoin (MRY)Scrypt; PoW58000000
MysteryCoin (MYST*) MysteryCoin (MYST*)X11; PoW32433366
MazaCoin (MZC) MazaCoin (MZC)SHA256; PoW/PoS2419200000
NanoToken (NAN) NanoToken (NAN)Scrypt; PoW80000000
Nautilus Coin (NAUT) Nautilus Coin (NAUT)Scrypt; PoS16180000
NavCoin (NAV) NavCoin (NAV)X13; PoW/PoS-
Nybble (NBL) Nybble (NBL)Scrypt; PoW210000000
NeoCoin (NEC) NeoCoin (NEC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS80000000
NetCoin (NET) NetCoin (NET)Scrypt; PoW-
Nimbus Coin (NMB) Nimbus Coin (NMB)X15; PoW/PoS25000000
NoirBits (NRB) NoirBits (NRB)SHA256; PoW50000000
NobleCoin (NOBL) NobleCoin (NOBL)Scrypt; PoW15000000000
NoirShares (NRS) NoirShares (NRS)Scrypt; PoW/PoS5000000
NovaCoin (NVC) NovaCoin (NVC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
NameCoin (NMC) NameCoin (NMC)SHA256; PoW21000000
NyanCoin (NYAN) NyanCoin (NYAN)Scrypt; PoW337000
OpalCoin (OPAL) OpalCoin (OPAL)X13; PoW/PoS15000000
Orbitcoin (ORB) Orbitcoin (ORB)NeoScrypt; PoW/PoS3770000
OpenSourceCoin (OSC) OpenSourceCoin (OSC)SHA256; PoW/PoS21000000
PhilosophersStone (PHS) PhilosophersStone (PHS)Scrypt; PoW8891840
Cryptsy Points (POINTS) Cryptsy Points (POINTS)N/A; N/A-
PotCoin (POT) PotCoin (POT)Scrypt; PoW420000000
PseudoCash (PSEUD) PseudoCash (PSEUD)X13; PoW/PoS2200000
Protoshares (PTS*) Protoshares (PTS*)SHA256; PoW2000000
PhoenixCoin (PXC) PhoenixCoin (PXC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS98000000
PayCoin (PYC) PayCoin (PYC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS30000000
ReddCoin (RDD) ReddCoin (RDD)Scrypt; PoW/PoS27500000000
RipOffCoin (RIPO) RipOffCoin (RIPO)Scrypt; PoW12000000
RonPaulCoin (RPC) RonPaulCoin (RPC)Scrypt; PoW21000000
RotoCoin (RT2) RotoCoin (RT2)Scrypt-n; PoW/PoS288000
RoyalCoin (RYC) RoyalCoin (RYC)Scrypt; PoW140000000
RazorCoin (RZR) RazorCoin (RZR)Scrypt; PoW4000000
Saturn2Coin (SAT2) Saturn2Coin (SAT2)Scrypt; PoW15000000000
StableCoin (SBC) StableCoin (SBC)Scrypt; PoW250000000
ShadowCash (SDC) ShadowCash (SDC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
SaffronCoin (SFR) SaffronCoin (SFR)Multiple; PoW111000000
ShadeCoin (SHADE) ShadeCoin (SHADE)Scrypt; PoW/PoS2000000
ShieldCoin (SHLD) ShieldCoin (SHLD)X15; PoW/PoS1000000
SilkCoin (SILK) SilkCoin (SILK)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1000000
SterlingCoin (SLG) SterlingCoin (SLG)X13; PoS-
SmartCoin (SMC) SmartCoin (SMC)Scrypt; PoW51200000
SoleCoin (SOLE) SoleCoin (SOLE)X15; PoW/PoS1200000
SpainCoin (SPA) SpainCoin (SPA)Scrypt-n; PoW50000000
Spots (SPT) Spots (SPT)Scrypt; PoW100000000
SecureCoin (SRC) SecureCoin (SRC)Scrypt; PoW21000000
SSVCoin (SSV) SSVCoin (SSV)X13; PoW21000000
Stellar (XLM) Stellar (XLM)N/A; N/A100804167793
SuperCoin (SUPER) SuperCoin (SUPER)X11; PoW/PoS150000000
BitSwift (SWIFT) BitSwift (SWIFT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
SyncCoin (SYNC) SyncCoin (SYNC)X11; PoW/PoS1000
SysCoin (SYS) SysCoin (SYS)Scrypt; PoW2000000000
TagCoin (TAG) TagCoin (TAG)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1000000
TakCoin (TAK) TakCoin (TAK)SHA256; PoW/PoS7515187520
TeslaCoin (TES) TeslaCoin (TES)Multiple; PoW/PoS60800000
TigerCoin (TGC) TigerCoin (TGC)SHA256; PoW47011968
TitCoin (TIT) TitCoin (TIT)SHA256; PoW69000000
TorCoin (TOR) TorCoin (TOR)X11; PoW/PoS10000000
TerraCoin (TRC) TerraCoin (TRC)SHA256; PoW42000000
TittieCoin (TTC) TittieCoin (TTC)Scrypt; PoW1000000
Umbrella (ULTC) Umbrella (ULTC)SHA256; PoW2625000
UnbreakableCoin (UNB) UnbreakableCoin (UNB)SHA256; PoW80000000
Unobtanium (UNO) Unobtanium (UNO)SHA256; PoW250000
UroCoin (URO) UroCoin (URO)X11; PoW-
UnitaryStatus Dollar (USDE) UnitaryStatus Dollar (USDE)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1600000000
UltraCoin (UTC) UltraCoin (UTC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS100000000
Utility Coin (UTIL) Utility Coin (UTIL)X13; PoW/PoS-
VidioCoin (VDO) VidioCoin (VDO)X11; PoW/PoS-
ViaCoin (VIA) ViaCoin (VIA)Scrypt; PoW23000000
VootCoin (VOOT) VootCoin (VOOT)X11; PoW-
VeriCoin (VRC) VeriCoin (VRC)Scrypt; PoST-
VertCoin (VTC) VertCoin (VTC)Lyra2RE; PoW84000000
WhiteCoin (WC) WhiteCoin (WC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS300000000
WorldCoin (WDC) WorldCoin (WDC)Scrypt; PoW265420800
SapienceCoin (XAI) SapienceCoin (XAI)X11; PoB/PoS-
SocialXbotCoin (XBOT) SocialXbotCoin (XBOT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS2000000
X11 Coin (XC) X11 Coin (XC)X11; PoW/PoS5500000
Xcash (XCASH) Xcash (XCASH)Scrypt; PoW/PoS2400000
Crypti (XCR) Crypti (XCR)Multiple; PoS-
JouleCoin (XJO) JouleCoin (XJO)SHA256; PoW45000000
LibertyCoin (XLB) LibertyCoin (XLB)X11; PoW/PoS16500000
PrimeCoin (XPM) PrimeCoin (XPM)Multiple; PoW-
StealthCoin (XST) StealthCoin (XST)X13; PoW/PoS-
XXXCoin (XXX) XXXCoin (XXX)Scrypt; PoW/PoS50000000
YAcCoin (YAC) YAcCoin (YAC)Scrypt; PoW2000000000
ZCC Coin (ZCC) ZCC Coin (ZCC)Scrypt; PoW1000000000
ZedCoins (ZED) ZedCoins (ZED)Scrypt; PoW120000000
ZiftrCoin (ZRC*) ZiftrCoin (ZRC*)X11; PoW450000000
ByteCoin (BCN) ByteCoin (BCN)CryptoNight; PoW184467440735
Elektron (EKN) Elektron (EKN)X13; PoW/PoS3000000
DigitalNote  (XDN) DigitalNote (XDN)CryptoNight; PoW8589869056
XauCoin (XAU) XauCoin (XAU)SHA256; PoW2100000
TimesCoin (TMC) TimesCoin (TMC)N/A; N/A16000000
NEM (XEM) NEM (XEM)N/A; PoI8999999999
BurstCoin (BURST) BurstCoin (BURST)Shabal256; PoC2158812800
NuBits (NBT) NuBits (NBT)SHA256; PoS-
StorjCoin (SJCX) StorjCoin (SJCX)Counterparty; PoS500000000
StartCoin (START) StartCoin (START)X11; PoW-
BigCoin (HUGE) BigCoin (HUGE)Blake; PoW164429865
CounterParty (XCP) CounterParty (XCP)N/A; PoW2600000
MaidSafe Coin (MAID) MaidSafe Coin (MAID)N/A; N/A452552412
007 coin (007) 007 coin (007)Scrypt; PoW989800
NuShares (NSR) NuShares (NSR)N/A; PoS1000000000
MonaCoin (MONA) MonaCoin (MONA)Scrypt; PoW105120000
SolarFarm (CELL) SolarFarm (CELL)N/A; PoW1000000000
TekCoin (TEK) TekCoin (TEK)SHA256; PoW/PoS100000000
Positron (TRON) Positron (TRON)SHA256; PoW/PoS1000000
BitBay (BAY) BitBay (BAY)N/A; PoS-
Neutron (NTRN) Neutron (NTRN)SHA256; PoW/PoS68000000
Sling Coin (SLING) Sling Coin (SLING)SHA256; PoW1000000
Vcash (XVC) Vcash (XVC)Whirlpool; PoS-
CraveCoin (CRAVE) CraveCoin (CRAVE)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
BlockNet (BLOCK) BlockNet (BLOCK)N/A; PoW/PoS-
Stability Shares (XSI) Stability Shares (XSI)Scrypt; PoW/PoS15000000
Giga Hash (GHS) Giga Hash (GHS)N/A; N/A-
ByteCent (BYC) ByteCent (BYC)N/A; PoW33000000
GridCoin (GRC) GridCoin (GRC)Scrypt; DPoR-
Gemz Social (GEMZ) Gemz Social (GEMZ)N/A; PoW90000000
KryptCoin (KTK) KryptCoin (KTK)Scrypt; PoS17000000
Horizon (HZ) Horizon (HZ)N/A; PoS1000000000
FairCoin (FAIR) FairCoin (FAIR)Groestl; PoW/PoS-
QoraCoin (QORA) QoraCoin (QORA)N/A; PoS10000000000
Gulden (NLG) Gulden (NLG)Scrypt; PoW1680000000
RubyCoin (RBY) RubyCoin (RBY)Scrypt; PoS-
PesetaCoin (PTC) PesetaCoin (PTC)Scrypt; PoW166386000
Kore (KORE) Kore (KORE)X13; PoW/PoS13200000
Wild Beast Coin (WBB) Wild Beast Coin (WBB)Scrypt; PoW2628000
Sonic Screw Driver Coin (SSD) Sonic Screw Driver Coin (SSD)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
TileCoin (XTC) TileCoin (XTC)N/A; N/A100000000
Dnotes (NOTE) Dnotes (NOTE)Scrypt; PoW500000000
GridPay (GRID*) GridPay (GRID*)N/A; N/A-
FlorinCoin (FLO) FlorinCoin (FLO)Scrypt; PoW160000000
MaieutiCoin (MMXIV) MaieutiCoin (MMXIV)SHA256; PoS2014
8BIT Coin (8BIT) 8BIT Coin (8BIT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
Sativa Coin (STV) Sativa Coin (STV)X13; PoW/PoS10000000
EbolaShare (EBS) EbolaShare (EBS)N/A; PoS2100000
AeroMe (AM) AeroMe (AM)X13; PoW/PoS12000000
Coin Magi (XMG) Coin Magi (XMG)M7M; PoW/PoM/PoSII-
AmberCoin (AMBER) AmberCoin (AMBER)X11; PoW/PoS1000000000
JackPotCoin (JPC) JackPotCoin (JPC)SHA3; PoW/PoS-
NakomotoDark (NKT) NakomotoDark (NKT)X11; PoW/PoS-
JoinCoin (J) JoinCoin (J)Multiple; PoW2800000
GhostCoin (GHC) GhostCoin (GHC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS750000000
DayTrader Coin (DTC) DayTrader Coin (DTC)X13; PoW/PoS1000000
ArtByte (ABY) ArtByte (ABY)Scrypt; PoW1000000000
LiteDoge (LDOGE) LiteDoge (LDOGE)Scrypt; PoW/PoS35000000000
MasterTraderCoin (MTR) MasterTraderCoin (MTR)X11; PoW/PoS10110000
Triangles Coin (TRI) Triangles Coin (TRI)X13; PoW/PoS120000
SwarmCoin (SWARM) SwarmCoin (SWARM)N/A; N/A100000000
Boolberry (BBR) Boolberry (BBR)X11; PoW18450000
BitCrystal (BTCRY) BitCrystal (BTCRY)N/A; N/A-
BitCredit (BCR) BitCredit (BCR)Momentum; PoW210000000
Pebble Coin (XPB) Pebble Coin (XPB)CryptoNight; PoW-
Dirac Coin (XDQ) Dirac Coin (XDQ)Blake; PoW2272800
Folding Coin (FLDC) Folding Coin (FLDC)Stanford Folding; PoW1000000000
SolarCoin (SLR) SolarCoin (SLR)Scrypt; PoW98100000000
Social Media Coin (SMAC) Social Media Coin (SMAC)X11; PoW/PoS-
TruckCoin (TRK) TruckCoin (TRK)X11; PoW/PoS1000000
Ucoin (U) Ucoin (U)X11; PoS20000000
Unitus (UIS) Unitus (UIS)Multiple; PoW-
CypherPunkCoin (CYP) CypherPunkCoin (CYP)QuBit; PoW-
UFO Coin (UFO) UFO Coin (UFO)NeoScrypt; PoW4000000000
Ascension Coin (ASN) Ascension Coin (ASN)QuBit; PoW/PoS-
OrangeCoin (OC) OrangeCoin (OC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS200000000
GSM Coin (GSM) GSM Coin (GSM)X11; PoW/PoS1800000
FriendshipCoin (FSC2) FriendshipCoin (FSC2)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
QuBuck Coin (QBK) QuBuck Coin (QBK)X13; PoS/PoB-
BlakeCoin (BLC) BlakeCoin (BLC)Blake; PoW7000000000
MaryJane Coin (MARYJ) MaryJane Coin (MARYJ)X15; PoW/PoS-
OmniCron (OMC) OmniCron (OMC)Scrypt; PoW3371337
GigCoin (GIG) GigCoin (GIG)X11; PoW-
CyberCoin (CC) CyberCoin (CC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
BitstarCoin (BITS) BitstarCoin (BITS)Scrypt; PoW/PoS54256119
NeosCoin (NEOS) NeosCoin (NEOS)SHA256; PoS21000000
HyperCoin (HYPER) HyperCoin (HYPER)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
Vtorrent (VTR) Vtorrent (VTR)Scrypt; PoW/PoS20000000
MetalCoin (METAL) MetalCoin (METAL)Scrypt; PoW-
PinkCoin (PINK) PinkCoin (PINK)X11; PoW/PoS500000000
GreenCoin (GRE) GreenCoin (GRE)Scrypt; PoW10000000000
XG Sports (XG) XG Sports (XG)XG Hash; PoW/PoS-
ChildCoin (CHILD) ChildCoin (CHILD)X11; PoW2000000
BOOM Coin (BOOM) BOOM Coin (BOOM)X13; PoW/PoS-
Instamine Nuggets (MINE) Instamine Nuggets (MINE)Scrypt; PoW21649485
ROS Coin (ROS) ROS Coin (ROS)X11; PoW/PoS-
Unattanium (UNAT) Unattanium (UNAT)SHA256; PoW-
SlimCoin (SLM) SlimCoin (SLM)N/A; PoB-
GAIA Platform (GAIA) GAIA Platform (GAIA)X11; PoS24000000
TrustPlus (TRUST) TrustPlus (TRUST)X11; PoW/PoS-
FantomCoin  (FCN) FantomCoin (FCN)CryptoNight; PoW18400000
Cryptonite (XCN) Cryptonite (XCN)M7 POW; PoW1840000000
Curecoin (CURE) Curecoin (CURE)Scrypt; PoW-
Gridmaster (GMC) Gridmaster (GMC)Scrypt; PoW84000000
MemoryCoin (MMC) MemoryCoin (MMC)Multiple; PoW10000000
BitcoinPlus (XBC) BitcoinPlus (XBC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
ConSpiracy Coin  (CYC) ConSpiracy Coin (CYC)X11; PoW33000000
OctoCoin (OCTO) OctoCoin (OCTO)N/A; N/A88000000
MasterCoin (MSC) MasterCoin (MSC)Scrypt; PoW619478
EggCoin (EGG) EggCoin (EGG)Scrypt; PoW/PoS3891
Coin.2 (C2) Coin.2 (C2)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
GlowShares (GSX) GlowShares (GSX)N/A; PoS-
Camcoin (CAM) Camcoin (CAM)X11; PoW/PoS10000000
Ribbit Rewards (RBR) Ribbit Rewards (RBR)Multiple; PoW1000000000
Quotient (XQN) Quotient (XQN)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
Node (NODE) Node (NODE)Curve25519; PoA1000000000
SoonCoin (SOON) SoonCoin (SOON)SHA256; PoW21000000
BitMiles (BTMI) BitMiles (BTMI)Scrypt; PoW4832660000
Event Token (EVENT) Event Token (EVENT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
1Credit (1CR) 1Credit (1CR)Scrypt; PoW92000000000
ViorCoin (VIOR) ViorCoin (VIOR)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
XCoin (XCO) XCoin (XCO)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
VirtualMining Coin (VMC) VirtualMining Coin (VMC)Scrypt-n; PoW1000000
MarsCoin (MRS) MarsCoin (MRS)X11; PoW33000000
Viral Coin (VIRAL) Viral Coin (VIRAL)Scrypt; PoS-
Equilibrium Coin (EQM) Equilibrium Coin (EQM)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
IslaCoin (ISL) IslaCoin (ISL)X11; PoW/PoS-
Quicksilver coin (QSLV) Quicksilver coin (QSLV)X11; PoW33000000
World Trade Funds (XWT) World Trade Funds (XWT)X15; PoW/PoS1000000
DeOxyRibose (XNA) DeOxyRibose (XNA)X11; PoS-
RadonPay (RDN) RadonPay (RDN)N/A; PoS-
SkullBuzz (SKB) SkullBuzz (SKB)SHA256; PoS-
GlobalBoost (BSTY) GlobalBoost (BSTY)yescript; PoW-
CryptoFocus (FCS) CryptoFocus (FCS)X11; PoW/PoS-
Gambit coin (GAM) Gambit coin (GAM)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
Nexus (NXS) Nexus (NXS)SHA3; PoW/nPoS78000000
Crypto Escudo (CESC) Crypto Escudo (CESC)Scrypt; PoW1000000000
Twelve Coin (TWLV) Twelve Coin (TWLV)T-Inside; PoW/PoS-
EagsCoin (EAGS) EagsCoin (EAGS)X11; PoW/PoS20445500
MultiWallet Coin (MWC) MultiWallet Coin (MWC)X11; PoW/PoS-
AudioCoin (ADC) AudioCoin (ADC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS10500000000
MarsCoin  (MARS) MarsCoin (MARS)X11; PoW33000000
Megastake (XMS) Megastake (XMS)X11; PoW/PoS-
Sphere Coin (SPHR) Sphere Coin (SPHR)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
Singular (SIGU) Singular (SIGU)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
BitcoinTX (BTX*) BitcoinTX (BTX*)X11; PoS-
DarkCrave (DCC) DarkCrave (DCC)SHA256; PoW/PoS277500
SupplyShock (M1) SupplyShock (M1)X13; PoW/PoS-
DarkBit (DB) DarkBit (DB)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
Crypto (CTO) Crypto (CTO)Lyra2RE; PoW65789100
EdgeCoin (EDGE) EdgeCoin (EDGE)SHA256; PoW/HiPoS-
BitLux (LUX*) BitLux (LUX*)X11; PoW/PoS-
FutCoin (FUTC) FutCoin (FUTC)X13; PoW/PoS-
Global (GLOBE) Global (GLOBE)N/A; PoS90000000
TamaGucci (TAM) TamaGucci (TAM)Scrypt; PoW/PoS/PoC5300000
MorpheusCoin (MRP) MorpheusCoin (MRP)X11; PoW3400000
Creva Coin (CREVA) Creva Coin (CREVA)X11; N/A-
Forever Coin (XFC) Forever Coin (XFC)X11; PoS210000000
BananaBits (NANAS) BananaBits (NANAS)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
Wood Coin (LOG) Wood Coin (LOG)N/A; PoW 27625814
Cerium (XCE) Cerium (XCE)SHA256; PoW/PoS2307925
Anarchists Prime (ACP) Anarchists Prime (ACP)SHA256; PoW53760000
Droidz (DRZ) Droidz (DRZ)QUAIT; PoW/PoS5060000
GorillaBucks (BUCKS*) GorillaBucks (BUCKS*)N/A; PoS-
BowsCoin (BSC) BowsCoin (BSC)X11; PoW21000000
DarkTron (DRKT) DarkTron (DRKT)SHA256; PoW/PoS1500000
CryptoCircuits (CIRC) CryptoCircuits (CIRC)vDPOS; PoS-
IncaKoin (NKA) IncaKoin (NKA)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
Versa Token (VERSA) Versa Token (VERSA)N/A; PoS-
Empyrean (EPY) Empyrean (EPY)Scrypt; PoW100000
Squall Coin (SQL) Squall Coin (SQL)X11; PoS-
PolyBit (POLY) PolyBit (POLY)Scrypt; PoW150000000
Piggy Coin (PIGGY) Piggy Coin (PIGGY)X11; PoW/PoS-
Charity Coin (CHA) Charity Coin (CHA)Scrypt; PoW500000
Milllionaire Coin (MIL) Milllionaire Coin (MIL)X11; PoW/PoS-
Crown Coin (CRW) Crown Coin (CRW)SHA256; PoW42000000
Genstake (GEN) Genstake (GEN)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
PharmaCoin (XPH) PharmaCoin (XPH)N/A; N/A-
GridMaster (GRM) GridMaster (GRM)N/A; N/A-
Quartz (QTZ) Quartz (QTZ)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
Arbit Coin (ARB) Arbit Coin (ARB)N/A; PoW/PoS-
Litestar Coin (LTS) Litestar Coin (LTS)N/A; PoW/PoS120000000
SpinCoin (SPC) SpinCoin (SPC)NIST5; PoW/PoS-
GoldPieces (GP) GoldPieces (GP)X11; PoW/PoS-
Bitz Coin (BITZ) Bitz Coin (BITZ)N/A; PoS-
DubCoin (DUB) DubCoin (DUB)X15; PoW/PoS-
Graviton (GRAV) Graviton (GRAV)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
Bob Coin (BOB) Bob Coin (BOB)Scrypt; PoW21000000
MonetaVerde (MCN) MonetaVerde (MCN)CryptoNight; PoW-
Quazar Coin (QCN) Quazar Coin (QCN)CryptoNight; PoW-
Hedgecoin (HEDG) Hedgecoin (HEDG)X13; PoW33000000
Song Coin (SONG) Song Coin (SONG)Scrypt; PoW210240000
BitSeeds (XSEED) BitSeeds (XSEED)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
Credits (CRE) Credits (CRE)SHA256; PoW/PoS30000000
Axiom Coin (AXIOM) Axiom Coin (AXIOM)N/A; PoW/PoS-
SmileyCoin (SMLY) SmileyCoin (SMLY)Scrypt; PoW50000000000
Rimbit (RBT) Rimbit (RBT)N/A; N/A-
Chip (CHIP) Chip (CHIP)X11; PoW-
SpecCoin (SPEC) SpecCoin (SPEC)Scrypt; PoW3000000000
Gram Coin (GRAM) Gram Coin (GRAM)N/A; PoW-
UnCoin (UNC) UnCoin (UNC)X11; N/A144000000000
Sprouts (SPRTS) Sprouts (SPRTS)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
BitZeny (ZNY) BitZeny (ZNY)Scrypt; PoW250000000
BitQuark (BTQ) BitQuark (BTQ)Multiple; PoW-
ParkByte (PKB) ParkByte (PKB)SHA256; PoW/PoS25000000
StarCoin (STR*) StarCoin (STR*)Scrypt; PoW/PoS227334008
Synergy (SNRG) Synergy (SNRG)X11; PoW/PoS-
Ghoul Coin (GHOUL) Ghoul Coin (GHOUL)N/A; PoW/PoS-
Hellenic Coin (HNC) Hellenic Coin (HNC)Scrypt; PoW100000000
Diggits (DIGS) Diggits (DIGS)Scrypt; PoS100000000
Expanse (EXP) Expanse (EXP)Ethash; PoW16906397
Global Currency Reserve (GCR) Global Currency Reserve (GCR)N/A; PoS-
MapCoin (MAPC) MapCoin (MAPC)X11; PoS2228921.184
XiaoMiCoin (MI) XiaoMiCoin (MI)Scrypt; PoW/PoS400000000
Paycon (CON_) Paycon (CON_)X13; PoW/PoS50000000
NeuCoin (NEU*) NeuCoin (NEU*)N/A; PoS100000000000
Transfer (TX) Transfer (TX)X11; PoW/PoS-
Groestlcoin  (GRS) Groestlcoin (GRS)Groestl; PoW105000000
Siacoin (SC) Siacoin (SC)Blake2b; PoW-
CleverCoin (CLV) CleverCoin (CLV)N/A; PoS/PoW-
Factoids (FCT) Factoids (FCT)N/A; N/A8753873
LyraBar (LYB) LyraBar (LYB)Lyra2RE; PoW/PoS-
BitStone (BST) BitStone (BST)X11; PoW/PoS-
Prime-X1 (PXI) Prime-X1 (PXI)X11; PoW-
CapriCoin (CPC) CapriCoin (CPC)X11; PoW/PoS208000000
Amsterdam Coin (AMS) Amsterdam Coin (AMS)Quark; PoW/PoS-
Obits Coin (OBITS) Obits Coin (OBITS)N/A; N/A18276898
 ClubCoin (CLUB) ClubCoin (CLUB)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
Radium (RADS) Radium (RADS)N/A; PoS9000000
Emercoin (EMC) Emercoin (EMC)SHA256; PoW/PoS1000000000
BlitzCoin (BLITZ) BlitzCoin (BLITZ)X13; PoS3852156
BitHIRE (HIRE*) BitHIRE (HIRE*)Scrypt; PoS42000000
EverGreenCoin (EGC) EverGreenCoin (EGC)X15; PoW/PoS26298000
MindCoin (MND) MindCoin (MND)X11; PoW16000000
I0coin (I0C) I0coin (I0C)SHA256; PoW21000000
Bata (BTA) Bata (BTA)Scrypt; PoW5000000
Karmacoin (KARMA) Karmacoin (KARMA)Scrypt; PoW92000000000
Decred (DCR) Decred (DCR)BLAKE256; PoW/PoS21000000
Nas2Coin (NAS2) Nas2Coin (NAS2)N/A; PoS200000000
Pakcoin (PAK) Pakcoin (PAK)Scrypt; PoW182000000
Creditbit  (CRB) Creditbit (CRB)N/A; N/A16504333
DogeCoinDark (DOGED) DogeCoinDark (DOGED)Scrypt; PoW16500000000
Augur (REP) Augur (REP)N/A; N/A11000000
OKCash (OK) OKCash (OK)N/A; PoW/PoS105000000
Voxels (VOX) Voxels (VOX)Scrypt; PoW210000000
Synereo (AMP) Synereo (AMP)N/A; Pow/PoSC927786732.665189
HOdlcoin (HODL) HOdlcoin (HODL)1GB AES Pattern Search; PoW81962100
Digix DAO (DGD) Digix DAO (DGD)N/A; N/A1999421
EDRCoin (EDRC) EDRCoin (EDRC)SHA256; PoW/PoS22000000
Lisk (LSK) Lisk (LSK)DPoS; DPoS159918400
Waves (WAVES) Waves (WAVES)Leased POS; LPoS100000000
Hitcoin (HTC) Hitcoin (HTC)X11; PoW/PoS26550000000
Gamecredits (GAME) Gamecredits (GAME)Scrypt; PoW84000000
Dashcoin (DSH) Dashcoin (DSH)CryptoNight; PoW18446744
DubaiCoin (DBIC) DubaiCoin (DBIC)SHA256; PoW/PoS10500000
HiCoin (XHI) HiCoin (XHI)Scrypt; PoS10008835635
Spots (SPOTS) Spots (SPOTS)N/A; PoW/PoS12730
BiosCrypto (BIOS) BiosCrypto (BIOS)Quark; PoW/PoS20190463.54969237
CabbageUnit (CAB) CabbageUnit (CAB)N/A; PoS10499999.99999999
CarpeDiemCoin (DIEM) CarpeDiemCoin (DIEM)SHA256; PoW21626280000
GameBetCoin (GBT) GameBetCoin (GBT)POS 3.0; PoS-
SARCoin (SAR) SARCoin (SAR)SHA256; PoS-
RedCrowCoin (RCX) RedCrowCoin (RCX)Scrypt; PoW/PoS3966666667
PowerCoin (PWR) PowerCoin (PWR)NIST5; PoW/PoS50021000
TrumpCoin (TRUMP) TrumpCoin (TRUMP)Blake; PoS12000000
PrismChain (PRM) PrismChain (PRM)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
BitCrystals (BCY) BitCrystals (BCY)Counterparty; N/A100000000
Rubies (RBIES) Rubies (RBIES)N/A; PoS10000000
Steem (STEEM) Steem (STEEM)N/A; PoW99692126
BillaryCoin (BLRY) BillaryCoin (BLRY)Scrypt; PoW/PoS42000000
WhiteCoin (XWC) WhiteCoin (XWC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS300000000
Dotcoin (DOT) Dotcoin (DOT)Scrypt; PoW890000000
Scotcoin (SCOT) Scotcoin (SCOT)Counterparty; N/A1000000000
Darknet (DNET) Darknet (DNET)Quark; Pow/PoS37175346
BitalphaCoin (BAC) BitalphaCoin (BAC)N/A; PoW7850161887.50
International Diamond Coin (XID*) International Diamond Coin (XID*)N/A; PoW67000010
Grantcoin (GRT) Grantcoin (GRT)SHA256; Pow10031749627.87000084
Thecreed (TCR) Thecreed (TCR)QuBit; PoW/PoS-
PostCoin (POST) PostCoin (POST)N/A; PoS15081003
Influxcoin (INFX) Influxcoin (INFX)X11; PoW/PoS12000000
EthereumScrypt (ETHS) EthereumScrypt (ETHS)Scrypt; PoW/PoS4200000
Phalanx (PXL) Phalanx (PXL)SHA256; PoW15000000
NumbersCoin (NUM) NumbersCoin (NUM)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
SoulCoin (SOUL) SoulCoin (SOUL)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1400000000
Ionomy (ION) Ionomy (ION)N/A; PoS50900000
GrownCoin (GROW) GrownCoin (GROW)N/A; PoW/PoS-
SuperNET (UNITY) SuperNET (UNITY)N/A; N/A816060.9999
OldSafeCoin (OLDSF) OldSafeCoin (OLDSF)N/A; PoS-
SunShotCoin (SSTC) SunShotCoin (SSTC)X11; PoW2250000000
NetworkCoin (NETC) NetworkCoin (NETC)X13; PoW/PoS-
GPU Coin (GPU) GPU Coin (GPU)Scrypt; PoS221052632
Think And Get Rich Coin (TAGR) Think And Get Rich Coin (TAGR)X15; PoW/PoS30700000
HempCoin (HMP) HempCoin (HMP)Scrypt-n; PoW5000000000
Adzcoin (ADZ) Adzcoin (ADZ)X11; PoW84000000
Gapcoin (GAP) Gapcoin (GAP)Scrypt; PoW/PoS250000000
MayaCoin (MYC) MayaCoin (MYC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS250000000
InvisibleCoin (IVZ) InvisibleCoin (IVZ)N/A; PoS1000000
VirtaCoin (VTA) VirtaCoin (VTA)Scrypt; PoW21000000000
SaluS (SLS) SaluS (SLS)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
SoilCoin (SOIL) SoilCoin (SOIL)Dagger; PoW30000000
DigiCube (CUBE) DigiCube (CUBE)N/A; PoS-
YoCoin (YOC) YoCoin (YOC)Scrypt; PoW168351300
Coin (COIN*) Coin (COIN*)SHA256; PoW-
VapersCoin (VPRC) VapersCoin (VPRC)Scrypt; PoW42750000000
AlpaCoin (APC) AlpaCoin (APC)N/A; PoW-
Steps (STEPS) Steps (STEPS)N/A; PoS9243127.173
DebitCoin (DBTC) DebitCoin (DBTC)Scrypt; PoW25999629.2378176
Universal Currency (UNIT) Universal Currency (UNIT)SHA256; PoW/PoS210000000
AeonCoin (AEON) AeonCoin (AEON)CryptoNight-Lite; PoW18400000
MoinCoin (MOIN) MoinCoin (MOIN)N/A; PoW/PoS184000000
SibCoin (SIB) SibCoin (SIB)X11GOST; PoW24000000
EuropeCoin (ERC) EuropeCoin (ERC)X11; PoW/PoS384000000
AdvancedInternetBlock (AIB) AdvancedInternetBlock (AIB)Scrypt; PoW314159265359
PrimeChain (PRIME) PrimeChain (PRIME)N/A; PoS-
BERNcash (BERN) BERNcash (BERN)X14; PoW/PoS-
BigUp (BIGUP) BigUp (BIGUP)N/A; PoS4000000000
Krypton (KR) Krypton (KR)Dagger-Hashimoto; PoW-
RevolverCoin (XRE) RevolverCoin (XRE)X11Evo; PoW-
1337 (1337) 1337 (1337)X13; PoW/PoS314159265359
Pepe (MEME) Pepe (MEME)X11; PoW/PoS-
DragonSphere (XDB) DragonSphere (XDB)X11; PoW/PoS21007600
Anti Bitcoin (ANTI) Anti Bitcoin (ANTI)SHA256; PoW42000000
BreakoutCoin (BRK) BreakoutCoin (BRK)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
ColossusCoinXT (COLX) ColossusCoinXT (COLX)X11; PoS21000000000
Mineum (MNM) Mineum (MNM)X13; PoW/PoS10000000
Asiadigicoin (ADCN) Asiadigicoin (ADCN)Scrypt; PoW42000000
ZeitCoin (ZEIT) ZeitCoin (ZEIT)PoS; PoS 99000000000
SixEleven (611) SixEleven (611)SHA256; PoW611000
2GiveCoin (2GIVE) 2GiveCoin (2GIVE)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
Cryptographic Anomaly (CGA) Cryptographic Anomaly (CGA)Scrypt; PoW10000000000
SwingCoin (SWING) SwingCoin (SWING)SHA256; PoW/PoS40000000
SafeExchangeCoin (SAFEX) SafeExchangeCoin (SAFEX)Scrypt; PoC2147483647
Nebuchadnezzar (NEBU) Nebuchadnezzar (NEBU)PoS; PoS20000000
AcesCoin (AEC) AcesCoin (AEC)X11; PoS98000000
Francs (FRN) Francs (FRN)Scrypt; PoW20000000
Aiden (ADN) Aiden (ADN)ScryptOG; PoW84000000
Pulse (PULSE) Pulse (PULSE)SHA256D; PoS-
Number7 (N7) Number7 (N7)Scrypt; PoW270967742
Cygnus (CYG) Cygnus (CYG)X11; PoW/PoS25885320
LGBTQoin (LGBTQ) LGBTQoin (LGBTQ)X11; PoW50000000
Uther (UTH) Uther (UTH)Dagger; PoW25885320
MediumProject (MPRO) MediumProject (MPRO)PoS; PoW250000
KATZcoin (KAT) KATZcoin (KAT)SHA256D; PoW/PoS100000000
404Coin (404) 404Coin (404)Scrypt; PoW/PoS532000000
Supreme (SPM) Supreme (SPM)Scrypt; PoW/PoS88900000
Mojocoin (MOJO) Mojocoin (MOJO)PoS; PoS-
BelaCoin (BELA) BelaCoin (BELA)Scrypt; PoW54000000
Flash (FLX) Flash (FLX)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1000000
BolivarCoin (BOLI) BolivarCoin (BOLI)X11; PoW25000000
CludCoin (CLUD) CludCoin (CLUD)Scrypt; PoW100200000
DimeCoin (DIME) DimeCoin (DIME)Quark; PoW-
FlyCoin (FLY) FlyCoin (FLY)X13; PoS-
High Voltage Coin (HVCO) High Voltage Coin (HVCO)SHA256; PoW/PoS1700000
GIZMOcoin (GIZ) GIZMOcoin (GIZ)X11; PoW/PoS100000
GrexitCoin (GREXIT) GrexitCoin (GREXIT)N/A; PoS-
Carboncoin (CARBON) Carboncoin (CARBON)Scrypt; PoW16000000000
DigiEuro (DEUR) DigiEuro (DEUR)Scrypt; PoW-
Turron (TUR) Turron (TUR)N/A; PoS-
LemonCoin (LEMON) LemonCoin (LEMON)N/A; PoW31000000
STRESScoin (STS) STRESScoin (STS)X13; PoW/PoS-
Dark Lisk (DISK) Dark Lisk (DISK)X11; PoW/PoS-
NevaCoin (NEVA) NevaCoin (NEVA)N/A; PoW/PoS26280000
Cryptokenz (CYT) Cryptokenz (CYT)PoS; PoS-
Fuzzballs (FUZZ) Fuzzballs (FUZZ)Scrypt; PoW21000000
Nukecoinz (NKC) Nukecoinz (NKC)Scrypt; PoW-
SecretCoin (SCRT) SecretCoin (SCRT)X11; PoW/PoS21000000
Ratecoin (XRA) Ratecoin (XRA)X11; PoW/PoS75000000
XanaxCoin (XNX) XanaxCoin (XNX)Scrypt; PoW42000000
StarCoin (STAR*) StarCoin (STAR*)Scrypt; PoW/PoS870731707
Stakerush (STHR) Stakerush (STHR)PoS; PoS-
Digital Bullion Gold (DBG) Digital Bullion Gold (DBG)PoS; PoS15000000
BonesCoin (BON*) BonesCoin (BON*)Scrypt; PoS-
WMCoin (WMC) WMCoin (WMC)X11; PoS1000000000
GothicCoin (GOTX) GothicCoin (GOTX)Scrypt; PoW313333333
ShrekCoin (SHREK) ShrekCoin (SHREK)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1246000000
FlavorCoin (FLVR) FlavorCoin (FLVR)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
Stakers (STA*) Stakers (STA*)PoS; PoS100000000
Rise (RISE) Rise (RISE)DPoS; PoS-
Revenu (REV) Revenu (REV)SHA256; PoW/PoS222725000
PabyosiCoin (PBC) PabyosiCoin (PBC)X11; PoW/PoS31500000000
Obscurebay (OBS) Obscurebay (OBS)X11; PoW/PoS6562000
ExitCoin (EXIT) ExitCoin (EXIT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS756000000
EducoinV (EDC) EducoinV (EDC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS99000000
Clinton (CLINT) Clinton (CLINT)SHA256; PoW2421227
Clockcoin (CKC) Clockcoin (CKC)SHA256; PoW/PoS525000000
VIP Tokens (VIP) VIP Tokens (VIP)NIST5; PoW/PoS90000000
NXEcoin (NXE) NXEcoin (NXE)NIST5; PoW/PoS2200000
ZoomCoin (ZOOM) ZoomCoin (ZOOM)Lyra2RE; PoW250000
DT Token (DRACO) DT Token (DRACO)N/A; N/A88888888
YobitVirtualCoin (YOVI) YobitVirtualCoin (YOVI)SHA256; PoS22830000
OrlyCoin (ORLY) OrlyCoin (ORLY)X15; PoW/PoS36000000
KubosCoin (KUBO) KubosCoin (KUBO)Scrypt; PoW/PoS2940000
InceptionCoin (INCP) InceptionCoin (INCP)X11; PoW/PoS-
SharkCoin (SAK) SharkCoin (SAK)SHA256; PoW400000000
EvilCoin (EVIL) EvilCoin (EVIL)X11; PoW/PoS21024000
OmegaCoin (OMA) OmegaCoin (OMA)X15; PoW/PoS-
MonetaryUnit (MUE) MonetaryUnit (MUE)Quark; PoW-
CobraCoin (COX) CobraCoin (COX)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1012941176
Bancor Network Token (BNT) Bancor Network Token (BNT)N/A; N/A79323978
BitSend (BSD) BitSend (BSD)X11; PoW/PoS139000000
Destiny (DES) Destiny (DES)Scrypt; PoW/PoS212625
16BitCoin (BIT16) 16BitCoin (BIT16)NIST5; PoW/PoS16000000
Project Decorum (PDC) Project Decorum (PDC)N/A; N/A50000000
CometCoin (CMT) CometCoin (CMT)Scrypt; PoW2000000
ChessCoin (CHESS) ChessCoin (CHESS)Scrypt; PoW/PoS74666667
SpaceCoin (SPACE) SpaceCoin (SPACE)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
ReeCoin (REE) ReeCoin (REE)Scrypt; PoW/PoS350000000
Liquid (LQD) Liquid (LQD)N/A; N/A99999.99
Marvelous (MARV) Marvelous (MARV)Scrypt; PoW400000000
VectorCoin 2.0  (VEC2) VectorCoin 2.0 (VEC2)Dagger-Hashimoto; PoW-
Omni (OMNI) Omni (OMNI)Scrypt; PoW616448
GenesysCoin (GSY) GenesysCoin (GSY)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
TrollTokens (TKN*) TrollTokens (TKN*)SHA256; PoW/PoS860000000
Let it Ride (LIR) Let it Ride (LIR)POS 3.0; PoS33500000
ScryptCoin (SCRPT) ScryptCoin (SCRPT)Scrypt; PoW34181818
LBRY Credits (LBC) LBRY Credits (LBC)N/A; N/A1000000000
Specie (SPX*) Specie (SPX*)PoS; PoS9000000
Steem Backed Dollars (SBD) Steem Backed Dollars (SBD)N/A; N/A-
CryptoJacks (CJ) CryptoJacks (CJ)X13; PoW/PoS500000000
PutinCoin (PUT) PutinCoin (PUT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS2000000000
Kraken (KRAK) Kraken (KRAK)SHA256; PoW/PoS20 000 000
Dlisk (DLISK) Dlisk (DLISK)N/A; DPoS100000000
iBankCoin (IBANK) iBankCoin (IBANK)Scrypt; PoW/PoS44333333
Stratis (STRAT) Stratis (STRAT)X13; PoW/PoS-
Voyacoin (VOYA) Voyacoin (VOYA)N/A; PoW-
EnterCoin (ENTER) (ENTER) EnterCoin (ENTER) (ENTER)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
World Gold Coin (WGC) World Gold Coin (WGC)SHA256; PoW51000000
BitMoon (BM) BitMoon (BM)X13; PoS100000000
Frankywillcoin (FRWC) Frankywillcoin (FRWC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS7000000
Psilocybin (PSY) Psilocybin (PSY)SHA256D; PoW/PoS4214600
ExtremeCoin (XT) ExtremeCoin (XT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
RustCoin (RUST) RustCoin (RUST)Scrypt; PoW/PoS21212121
NewZealandCoin (NZC) NewZealandCoin (NZC)Scrypt; PoW335800000
SingularDTV (SNGLS) SingularDTV (SNGLS)N/A; N/A1000000000
Xaurum (XAUR) Xaurum (XAUR)N/A; N/A127108472.4829
BitFinex Tokens (BFX) BitFinex Tokens (BFX)N/A; N/A32000000
Uniqredit (UNIQ) Uniqredit (UNIQ)SHA256D; PoW-
ChronosCoin (CRX) ChronosCoin (CRX)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
Decent (DCT) Decent (DCT)N/A; PoS73197775
PokeChain (XPOKE) PokeChain (XPOKE)X13; PoS75000000
MudraCoin (MUDRA) MudraCoin (MUDRA)X13; PoS200000000
WarpCoin (WARP) WarpCoin (WARP)PoS; PoS-
Coinomat (CNMT) Coinomat (CNMT)N/A; N/A3000000
PizzaCoin (PIZZA) PizzaCoin (PIZZA)X11; PoW25000000
Lutetium Coin (LC) Lutetium Coin (LC)X11; PoS657000000
Heat Ledger (HEAT) Heat Ledger (HEAT)N/A; PoS/PoP26000000
Iconomi (ICN) Iconomi (ICN)N/A; N/A100000000
ExaByte (EXB) (EXB) ExaByte (EXB) (EXB)SHA256; PoW500000000
Wings DAO (WINGS) Wings DAO (WINGS)N/A; N/A100000000
Cryptodex (CDX*) Cryptodex (CDX*)N/A; N/A100000000
ReturnBit (RBIT) ReturnBit (RBIT)Scrypt; PoW-
deCLOUDs (DCS) deCLOUDs (DCS)N/A; PoS100000000
Komodo (KMD) Komodo (KMD)Equihash; dPoW/PoW200000000
GoldBlocks (GB) GoldBlocks (GB)X11; PoW/PoS50000000
NEO (NEO) NEO (NEO)N/A; N/A100000000
Anoncoin (ANC) Anoncoin (ANC)N/A; PoW4200000
Syndicate (SYNX) Syndicate (SYNX)X11; PoW/PoS-
Mass Coin (MC) Mass Coin (MC)N/A; N/A1000000000000
E-Dinar Coin (EDR) E-Dinar Coin (EDR)X11; DPoS999000000000000
Jewels (JWL) Jewels (JWL)POS 3.0; N/A20000000
WayCoin (WAY) WayCoin (WAY)X11; PoS100000000
MollyCoin (TAB) MollyCoin (TAB)Scrypt; PoW/PoS25000000
Trigger (TRIG) Trigger (TRIG)N/A; N/A100000000
bitCNY (BITCNY) bitCNY (BITCNY)N/A; N/A100000000000
bitUSD (BITUSD) bitUSD (BITUSD)N/A; N/A100000000000
Autumncoin (ATM*) Autumncoin (ATM*)X11; PoW/PoS-
Save The Ocean (STO) Save The Ocean (STO)X11; PoW/PoS150000000
Sense (SNS) Sense (SNS)N/A; N/A100000000
Fusion (FSN) Fusion (FSN)SHA256; PoW3000000
CarterCoin (CTC) CarterCoin (CTC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS90000000
TotCoin (TOT) TotCoin (TOT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1613150000
Bitcloud (BTD) Bitcloud (BTD)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
MedicCoin (MDC) MedicCoin (MDC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS33000000
FuturePoints (FTP) FuturePoints (FTP)X11; PoS360000000
Zeta2Coin (ZET2) Zeta2Coin (ZET2)Quark; PoW/PoS1200000
CovenCoin (COV*) CovenCoin (COV*)SHA256; PoW/PoS33000
Karbo (KRB) Karbo (KRB)CryptoNight; PoW10000000
Tellurion (TELL) Tellurion (TELL)X11; PoW/PoS3652422000
EneCoin (ENE) EneCoin (ENE)X13; PoW/PoS-
BlockPay (BLOCKPAY) BlockPay (BLOCKPAY)N/A; N/A100000000
BitTokens (BXT) BitTokens (BXT)SHA256; PoW/PoS21000000
ZayedCoin (ZYD) ZayedCoin (ZYD)SHA256; PoW9736000
MustangCoin (MST) MustangCoin (MST)X11; PoW/PoS3000000
Goonies (GOON) Goonies (GOON)Scrypt; PoW270875968
808 (808) 808 (808)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
Veltor (VLT) Veltor (VLT)N/A; PoW-
ZoneCoin (ZNE) ZoneCoin (ZNE)Scrypt; PoW/PoS21000000
DickCoin (DCK) DickCoin (DCK)X11; PoW/PoS-
Circuits of Value (COVAL) Circuits of Value (COVAL)Multiple; PoW1000000000
DarkGold (DGDC) DarkGold (DGDC)X13; PoW/PoS1000000
TodayCoin (TODAY) TodayCoin (TODAY)Scrypt; PoW39200000
Verium (VRM) Verium (VRM)N/A; PoWT-
RootCoin (ROOT) RootCoin (ROOT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1900000
FirstBlood (1ST) FirstBlood (1ST)N/A; N/A93468691
Gold Pressed Latinum (GPL) Gold Pressed Latinum (GPL)N/A; PoW/PoS1000000
DopeCoin (DOPE) DopeCoin (DOPE)Scrypt; PoW575000000
B3 Coin (B3) B3 Coin (B3)X11; PoW/PoS-
FCoin (FX) FCoin (FX)Scrypt; PoW/PoS987600000
Pioneershares (PIO) Pioneershares (PIO)X11; PoW/PoS200000
GayCoin (GAY) GayCoin (GAY)X11; PoW/PoS10000000000
Samsara Coin (SMSR) Samsara Coin (SMSR)QuBit; PoW/PoS60000000
Ubiqoin (UBIQ) Ubiqoin (UBIQ)Progressive-n; PoS500000000
Armory Coin (ARM) Armory Coin (ARM)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1990000000
RingCoin (RING) RingCoin (RING)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1900000000
ERBCoin (ERB) ERBCoin (ERB)Scrypt; N/A125000000
Lazarus (LAZ) Lazarus (LAZ)DPoS; DPoS10000000
FonzieCoin (FONZ) FonzieCoin (FONZ)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
BitCurrency (BTCR) BitCurrency (BTCR)Scrypt; PoS-
FaucetCoin (DROP) FaucetCoin (DROP)X13; PoS10000
Save and Gain (SANDG) Save and Gain (SANDG)SHA256; PoW-
SteamPunk (PNK) SteamPunk (PNK)PoS; PoS40000000
Dark Moon (MOOND) Dark Moon (MOOND)Scrypt; PoW/PoS420000000
DollarCoin (DLC) DollarCoin (DLC)SHA256; PoW10638298
Sentaro (SEN) Sentaro (SEN)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
Swiscoin (SCN) Swiscoin (SCN)Scrypt; PoW/PoW3100000000
Wexcoin (WEX) Wexcoin (WEX)N/A; PoS-
Lathaan (LTH) Lathaan (LTH)PoS; N/A-
BitBronze (BRONZ) BitBronze (BRONZ)Scrypt; PoW4502400
Shilling (SH) Shilling (SH)Scrypt; PoW30000000
BuzzCoin (BUZZ) BuzzCoin (BUZZ)SHA256D; PoW/PoS21000000000
Mind Gene (MG) Mind Gene (MG)SHA256; PoW/PoS7500000000
PSIcoin (PSI) PSIcoin (PSI)X11; PoS696969
Opair (XPO) Opair (XPO)PoS; PoS74000000
NoLimitCoin (NLC) NoLimitCoin (NLC)SHA256D; PoW/PoS-
PesoBit (PSB) PesoBit (PSB)Scrypt; PoW/PoS32958651
Beats (XBTS) Beats (XBTS)X11; PoW/PoS-
Fitcoin (FIT) Fitcoin (FIT)X11; PoW/PoS8880000000
PantherCoin (PINKX) PantherCoin (PINKX)Scrypt; PoW/PoS735000000
FireCoin (FIRE) FireCoin (FIRE)X15; PoW/PoS-
Unfed Coin (UNF) Unfed Coin (UNF)Scrypt; PoW67000000
SportsCoin (SPORT) SportsCoin (SPORT)X11; PoS20000000
Peerplays (PPY) Peerplays (PPY)N/A; N/A5916684
NineElevenTruthCoin (NTC) NineElevenTruthCoin (NTC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
EGOcoin (EGO) EGOcoin (EGO)PoS; PoS60000000
BitluckCoin (BTCL*) BitluckCoin (BTCL*)Scrypt; PoS5000000000
RCoin (RCN*) RCoin (RCN*)SHA256; N/A5000000000
X2Coin (X2) X2Coin (X2)N/A; N/A-
Mycelium Token (MT) Mycelium Token (MT)N/A; N/A5311
Tianhe (TIA) Tianhe (TIA)Lyra2RE; N/A21000000
GBR Coin (GBRC) GBR Coin (GBRC)Scrypt; PoW87500000
UPcoin (XUP) UPcoin (XUP)X13; PoS-
Octocoin (888) Octocoin (888)N/A; PoW135776563
Halloween Coin (HALLO) Halloween Coin (HALLO)X11; PoW/PoS1500000000
BaseballCardCoin (BBCC) BaseballCardCoin (BBCC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS19000000
EmiratesGoldCoin (EMIGR) EmiratesGoldCoin (EMIGR)SHA256; PoW4000000
BighanCoin (BHC) BighanCoin (BHC)Quark; PoW411000000
Craftcoin (CRAFT) Craftcoin (CRAFT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS49411760
Invictus (INV) Invictus (INV)X11; PoW/PoS-
OlympCoin (OLYMP) OlympCoin (OLYMP)X11; PoW/PoS50000000
DelightPay (DPAY) DelightPay (DPAY)X13; PoW/PoS90400000
Atomic Coin (ATOM) Atomic Coin (ATOM)Scrypt; PoW/PoS12000000
Hacker Gold (HKG) Hacker Gold (HKG)N/A; N/A-
AntiLitecoin (ANTC) AntiLitecoin (ANTC)Scrypt; PoW84000000
JobsCoin (JOBS) JobsCoin (JOBS)X11; PoW/PoS20000000000
DogeGoreCoin (DGORE) DogeGoreCoin (DGORE)X11; PoW/PoS500000000
The Hempcoin (THC) The Hempcoin (THC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS250000000
Tetra (TRA) Tetra (TRA)Scrypt; PoW-
Resumeo Shares (RMS) Resumeo Shares (RMS)NIST5; PoS9188302
FujiCoin (FJC) FujiCoin (FJC)Scrypt-n; PoW10000000000
Vaporcoin (VAPOR) Vaporcoin (VAPOR)SHA256; PoW/PoS2000000
SydPakCoin (SDP) SydPakCoin (SDP)X13; PoW/PoS-
Recovery Right Tokens (RRT) Recovery Right Tokens (RRT)N/A; N/A-
ZCoin (XZC) ZCoin (XZC)Lyra2RE; PoW21000000
Premium (PRE) Premium (PRE)Scrypt; PoW20000000
CaliphCoin (CALC) CaliphCoin (CALC)SHA256; PoW135000000
LeaCoin (LEA) LeaCoin (LEA)SHA256; PoW2000000000
Californium (CF) Californium (CF)SHA256; PoW2520000
CrankCoin (CRNK) CrankCoin (CRNK)X11; PoS/PoW-
CoffeeCoin (CFC) CoffeeCoin (CFC)PoS; PoS-
Victoriouscoin (VTY) Victoriouscoin (VTY)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
Safecoin (SFE) Safecoin (SFE)N/A; PoW/PoS-
Ardor (ARDR) Ardor (ARDR)N/A; PoS1000000000
BlackShadowCoin (BS) BlackShadowCoin (BS)X11; PoW/PoS2100000000
JiffyCoin (JIF) JiffyCoin (JIF)SHA256D; PoW5108400
CrabCoin (CRAB) CrabCoin (CRAB)X15; PoW/PoS-
Aircoin (AIR*) Aircoin (AIR*)Scrypt; PoW/PoS357000000
President Clinton (HILL) President Clinton (HILL)N/A; N/A57968072167
ForexCoin (FOREX) ForexCoin (FOREX)X15; PoW/PoS-
Moneta (MONETA) Moneta (MONETA)Scrypt; PoW184000000
Eclipse (EC) Eclipse (EC)SHA256D; PoW/PoS-
Rublebit (RUBIT) Rublebit (RUBIT)Scrypt; PoW100000000
HappyCreatorCoin  (HCC) HappyCreatorCoin (HCC)Scrypt; PoW100100400000
BrainCoin (BRAIN) BrainCoin (BRAIN)X11; PoW/PoS22000000
Vertex (VTX) Vertex (VTX)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
KRCoin (KRC) KRCoin (KRC)X11; PoW-
RoyalCoin (ROYAL) RoyalCoin (ROYAL)X13; PoS2500124
BigLifeCoin (LFC) BigLifeCoin (LFC)X11; PoW9900000000
Zurcoin (ZUR) Zurcoin (ZUR)Quark; PoW126000000
NubisCoin (NUBIS) NubisCoin (NUBIS)SHA256D; PoW/PoS-
Tennet (TENNET) Tennet (TENNET)SHA256D; PoW/PoS-
PeaceCoin (PEC) PeaceCoin (PEC)X11; PoW700000000
Goldmaxcoin (GMX) Goldmaxcoin (GMX)Scrypt; PoW84000000
32Bitcoin (32BIT) 32Bitcoin (32BIT)X11; PoW/PoS355000
GanjaCoin V2 (GNJ) GanjaCoin V2 (GNJ)X14; PoW/PoS100000000
TeamUP (TEAM) TeamUP (TEAM)PoS; PoS301000000
ScryptToken (SCT) ScryptToken (SCT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS8842105
LanaCoin (LANA) LanaCoin (LANA)SHA256D; PoW/PoS7506000000
Elementrem (ELE) Elementrem (ELE)Ethash; PoW-
GuccioneCoin (GCC) GuccioneCoin (GCC)Scrypt; PoW39760000
AndromedaCoin (AND) AndromedaCoin (AND)X11; PoW/PoS-
Byteball (GBYTE) Byteball (GBYTE)N/A; N/A1000000
EqualCoin (EQUAL) EqualCoin (EQUAL)X13; PoW/PoS1000000000
SweetStake (SWEET) SweetStake (SWEET)PoS; N/A1000000000
2BACCO Coin (2BACCO) 2BACCO Coin (2BACCO)Scrypt; PoW/PoS81454545
DarkKnightCoin (DKC) DarkKnightCoin (DKC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS24000000
Community Coin (COC) Community Coin (COC)SHA256; PoW36129032
ChoofCoin (CHOOF) ChoofCoin (CHOOF)Scrypt; PoW/PoS40000000
CashOut (CSH) CashOut (CSH)SHA256; PoW100000000
ZClassic (ZCL) ZClassic (ZCL)Equihash; PoW21000000
RoyalCoin 2.0 (RYCN) RoyalCoin 2.0 (RYCN)X13; PoS2500000
Pabyosi Coin (PCS) Pabyosi Coin (PCS)X11; PoW/PoS31500000000
NetBit (NBIT) NetBit (NBIT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS10.500.000
WineCoin (WINE) WineCoin (WINE)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1744000000
Darcrus (DAR) Darcrus (DAR)N/A; N/A14055048
ARK (ARK) ARK (ARK)DPoS; DPoS125000000
InflationCoin (IFLT) InflationCoin (IFLT)X11; PoW/PoS-
ZCashDarkCoin (ZECD) ZCashDarkCoin (ZECD)Scrypt; PoW500000000
Zcrypt (ZXT) Zcrypt (ZXT)N/A; PoW/PoZ101000000
WashingtonCoin (WASH) WashingtonCoin (WASH)X11; PoW/PoS170000000
TeslaCoilCoin (TESLA) TeslaCoilCoin (TESLA)N/A; N/A100000000
LuckyBlocks (LUCKY) (LUCKY) LuckyBlocks (LUCKY) (LUCKY)PoS; PoS20000000
vSlice (VSL) vSlice (VSL)N/A; N/A33390496.0333
Troll Payment (TPG) Troll Payment (TPG)PoS; N/A-
LEOcoin (LEO) LEOcoin (LEO)Scrypt; PoW1000000000
Midnight (MDT) Midnight (MDT)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
CBD Crystals (CBD) CBD Crystals (CBD)PoS; N/A50000000
PosEx (PEX) PosEx (PEX)SHA256D; N/A-
InsaneCoin (INSANE) InsaneCoin (INSANE)X11; PoW/PoS22000000
Golem Network Token (GNT) Golem Network Token (GNT)N/A; N/A1000000000
PenCoin (PEN) PenCoin (PEN)Scrypt; PoW-
LuckChain (BASH) LuckChain (BASH)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1000000000
FameCoin (FAME) FameCoin (FAME)QuBit; PoW/PoS50000000
LiviaCoin (LIV) LiviaCoin (LIV)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1572000000
Sex Pistols (SP) Sex Pistols (SP)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
MegaFlash (MEGA) MegaFlash (MEGA)N/A; N/A300000
Veros (VRS) Veros (VRS)N/A; N/A10000000000
Arab League Coin (ALC) Arab League Coin (ALC)X13; PoW-
EtherDoge (DOGETH) EtherDoge (DOGETH)X11; PoW/PoS18100000
KiloCoin (KLC) KiloCoin (KLC)Scrypt; PoW10000000000
Hush (HUSH) Hush (HUSH)Equihash; PoW21000000
BitLuckCoin (BTLC) BitLuckCoin (BTLC)PoS; PoS5000000000
Dream8Coin (DRM8) Dream8Coin (DRM8)Scrypt; PoW88800000000
FistBump (FIST) FistBump (FIST)X13; PoW/PoS-
Ebitz (EBZ) Ebitz (EBZ)PoS; PoS21000000
365Coin (365) 365Coin (365)X11; PoW/PoS2300000000
Digital Rupees (DRS) Digital Rupees (DRS)Scrypt; PoS-
Free Game Zone (FGZ) Free Game Zone (FGZ)Scrypt; PoW44775520
BosonCoin (BOSON) BosonCoin (BOSON)X11; PoW/PoS5000000000
ArtexCoin (ATX) ArtexCoin (ATX)X11; PoW500000000
PlatiniumCoin (PNC) PlatiniumCoin (PNC)SHA256; PoW21000000
BeardDollars (BRDD) BeardDollars (BRDD)Scrypt; PoW/PoS21212121
Time (TIME) Time (TIME)N/A; N/A710113
BipCoin (BIP) BipCoin (BIP)CryptoNight; PoW18446744
XenCoin (XNC) XenCoin (XNC)Scrypt; PoW2100000000
EmberCoin (EMB) EmberCoin (EMB)X13; PoW/PoS850000000
Coin to the Future (BTTF) Coin to the Future (BTTF)PoS; PoS1210000
DollarOnline (DLR) DollarOnline (DLR)X11; PoW/PoS1000000000
Cosmic (CSMIC) Cosmic (CSMIC)SHA256D; PoW/PoS-
FirstCoin (FIRST) FirstCoin (FIRST)Scrypt; PoW/PoS110000000
SpaceCash (SCASH) SpaceCash (SCASH)X13; PoW/PoS-
XenixCoin (XEN) XenixCoin (XEN)X11; PoW/PoS3853326.77707314
JIO Token (JIO) JIO Token (JIO)N/A; N/A8888888
iWallet (IW) iWallet (IW)X11; PoW/PoS2142857142.86
Janus (JNS) Janus (JNS)N/A; N/A100000000
TrickyCoin (TRICK) TrickyCoin (TRICK)PoS; PoS-
DeltaCredits (DCRE) DeltaCredits (DCRE)N/A; PoS100000
FreeCoin (FRE) FreeCoin (FRE)PoS; PoS50000000
NPCcoin (NPC) NPCcoin (NPC)SHA256D; PoW/PoS7000000000
PLNCoin (PLNC) PLNCoin (PLNC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS38540000
Digigems (DGMS) Digigems (DGMS)Scrypt; PoW50000000
Icobid (ICOB) Icobid (ICOB)Scrypt; PoW/PoS200000000
AquariusCoin (ARCO) AquariusCoin (ARCO)Scrypt; PoW/PoS42000000
Kurrent (KURT) Kurrent (KURT)X11; PoW228000000
Creatio (XCRE) Creatio (XCRE)PoS; PoS20000000
Eternity (ENT) Eternity (ENT)X11; PoW/PoS60000000
UR (UR) UR (UR)Dagger; PoW-
Metal Music v3 (MTLM3) Metal Music v3 (MTLM3)Scrypt; PoW/PoS2500000000
Old Dogs New Tricks (ODNT) Old Dogs New Tricks (ODNT)SHA256D; PoW/PoS21000000
Eurocoin (EUC) Eurocoin (EUC)SHA256; PoW/PoS20000000
CoolDarkCoin (CCX) CoolDarkCoin (CCX)Scrypt; PoW/PoS11052632
BitcoinFast (BCF) BitcoinFast (BCF)Scrypt; PoW/PoS33000000
SeedShares (SEEDS) SeedShares (SEEDS)SHA256D; PoW/PoS7996400
PoSWallet (POSW) PoSWallet (POSW)Scrypt; PoW/PoS41000000
Tokes (TKS) Tokes (TKS)N/A; N/A50000000
BitConnect Coin (BCCOIN) BitConnect Coin (BCCOIN)Scrypt; PoW/PoS28000000
ShortyCoin (SHORTY) ShortyCoin (SHORTY)PoS; PoS100000000
Procom (PCM) Procom (PCM)Scrypt; PoW28000000
Kernalcoin (KC) Kernalcoin (KC)SHA256; PoW-
CoralPay (CORAL) CoralPay (CORAL)X13; PoS21000000
Nexium (NXC) Nexium (NXC)N/A; N/A100000000
MoneyCoin (MONEY) MoneyCoin (MONEY)Scrypt; PoW/PoS650659833
Blackstar (BSTAR) Blackstar (BSTAR)X11; PoS-
Horse Power (HSP) Horse Power (HSP)Scrypt; PoW2900000
HazMatCoin (HZT) HazMatCoin (HZT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS100000000
CryptoSpots (CS) CryptoSpots (CS)DPoS; DPoS5000000
PoolStamp (XSP) PoolStamp (XSP)X13; PoW/PoS-
CryptoCarbon (CCRB) CryptoCarbon (CCRB)N/A; N/A70000000
BullshitCoin (BULLS) BullshitCoin (BULLS)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
Incent (INCNT) Incent (INCNT)N/A; N/A-
Iconic (ICON) Iconic (ICON)PoS; PoS520000
NewInvestCoin (NIC) NewInvestCoin (NIC)PoS; PoS47090909
AvonCoin (ACN) AvonCoin (ACN)PoS; PoS1000000000
Enigma (XNG) Enigma (XNG)X11; PoW/PoS5000000
Cannabis Industry Coin (XCI) Cannabis Industry Coin (XCI)CryptoNight; PoW21000000
LookCoin (LOOK) LookCoin (LOOK)X11; PoW/PoS1613150000
Loco (LOC) Loco (LOC)Quark; PoW/PoS-
TrustCoin (TRST) TrustCoin (TRST)N/A; N/A100000000
MIScoin (MIS) MIScoin (MIS)X11; PoW/PoS25000000
WorldPay (WOP) WorldPay (WOP)X11; PoW/PoS10000000
ConquestCoin (CQST) ConquestCoin (CQST)X13; PoW/PoS30000000
Impulse Coin (IMPS) Impulse Coin (IMPS)X13; PoW/PoS-
InCoin (IN) InCoin (IN)X11; PoW/PoS-
TheChiefCoin (CHIEF) TheChiefCoin (CHIEF)Scrypt; PoW/PoS2500000000
Goat (GOAT) Goat (GOAT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
AnalCoin (ANAL) AnalCoin (ANAL)SHA256; N/A600000
Russiacoin (RC) Russiacoin (RC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS144000000
PandaCoin (PND) PandaCoin (PND)Scrypt; PoS32514916898
PXcoin (PX) PXcoin (PX)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
Canada eCoin (CND*) Canada eCoin (CND*)Scrypt; PoW100000000
OptionCoin (OPTION) OptionCoin (OPTION)X11; PoS21000000
Avatar Coin (AV) Avatar Coin (AV)PoS; PoS10000000
Limited Coin (LTD) Limited Coin (LTD)PoS; PoS128
GameUnits (UNITS) GameUnits (UNITS)Scrypt; PoW/PoS13000000
HeelCoin (HEEL) HeelCoin (HEEL)PoS; PoS-
GAKHcoin (GAKH) GAKHcoin (GAKH)Scrypt; PoW/PoS3315789
Shift (SHIFT) Shift (SHIFT)DPoS; DPoS-
S88 Coin (S8C) S88 Coin (S8C)Scrypt; PoW/PoS520000000
Leverage Coin (LVG) Leverage Coin (LVG)N/A; N/A26000
DraculaCoin (DRA) DraculaCoin (DRA)Scrypt; PoW-
Allsafe (ASAFE2) Allsafe (ASAFE2)Scrypt; PoS15000000
LiteCreed (LTCR) LiteCreed (LTCR)QuBit; PoW/PoS78835200
Quebecoin (QBC) Quebecoin (QBC)X11; N/A21000000
ProCoin (XPRO) ProCoin (XPRO)X15; PoW/PoS6000000
Astral (AST*) Astral (AST*)X13; PoW/PoS37875500
GiftNet (GIFT) GiftNet (GIFT)X13; PoW6750000
PureVidz (VIDZ) PureVidz (VIDZ)PoS; PoS125000000
Incrementum (INC) Incrementum (INC)PoS; PoS1300000
PentaCoin (PTA) PentaCoin (PTA)SHA256; PoW/PoS 1311955
AcidCoin (ACID) AcidCoin (ACID)SHA256; PoW4500000000
ZLiteQubit (ZLQ) ZLiteQubit (ZLQ)QuBit; N/A 83075000
RadicalCoin (RADI) RadicalCoin (RADI)X13; PoS-
ReturnCoin (RNC) ReturnCoin (RNC)X11; PoS250000000
Golos (GOLOS) Golos (GOLOS)N/A; PoW-
Pascal Coin (PASC) Pascal Coin (PASC)N/A; N/A-
TwisterCoin (TWIST) TwisterCoin (TWIST)X11; PoW/PoS3195000
PayPeer (PAYP) PayPeer (PAYP)X11; PoW/PoS50000000000
DarkEther (DETH) DarkEther (DETH)X11; N/A16035000
YAYcoin (YAY) YAYcoin (YAY)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
YesCoin (YES) YesCoin (YES)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
LeninCoin (LENIN) LeninCoin (LENIN)SHA256D; PoW100000000
MrsaCoin (MRSA) MrsaCoin (MRSA)X13; PoW/PoS2100000000
OsmiumCoin (OS76) OsmiumCoin (OS76)Scrypt; PoW2714286
BitBoss (BOSS) BitBoss (BOSS)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
Maker (MKR) Maker (MKR)N/A; N/A1000000
Bikercoins (BIC) Bikercoins (BIC)CryptoNight; PoW25000000
CryptoPennies (CRPS) CryptoPennies (CRPS)X11; PoS1593.15
Motocoin (MOTO) Motocoin (MOTO)N/A; PoP40000000
NeptuneClassic (NTCC) NeptuneClassic (NTCC)X11; PoW/PoS250000000
Numismatic Collections (XNC*) Numismatic Collections (XNC*)X13; PoW/PoS23273860
HexxCoin (HXX) HexxCoin (HXX)Lyra2RE; PoW9999999
Ghost Coin (SPKTR) Ghost Coin (SPKTR)SHA256; PoW/PoS2270000
MachineCoin (MAC) MachineCoin (MAC)Time Travel; PoW35000000
SelenCoin (SEL) SelenCoin (SEL)PoS; PoS159680000
Noocoin (NOO) Noocoin (NOO)PoS; PoS25000000
23 Skidoo (CHAO) 23 Skidoo (CHAO)SHA256D; PoW23
GoldenBird (XGB) GoldenBird (XGB)X13; PoW/PoS450000000
YamahaCoin (YMC) YamahaCoin (YMC)Scrypt; PoW315000000
JokerCoin (JOK) JokerCoin (JOK)Scrypt; PoW/PoS5000000000
GravityBit (GBIT) GravityBit (GBIT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS5333000
TeCoin (TEC) TeCoin (TEC)Multiple; PoW469521976
BombCoin (BOMB) BombCoin (BOMB)Scrypt; PoW/PoS4516129032
Ride My Car (RIDE) Ride My Car (RIDE)PoS; PoS100000000
Private Instant Verified Transaction (PIVX) Private Instant Verified Transaction (PIVX)Quark; PoW/PoS-
Klingon Empire Darsek (KED) Klingon Empire Darsek (KED)Scrypt; PoW/PoS500000000
Coino (CNO) Coino (CNO)Scrypt; PoW-
WealthCoin (WEALTH) WealthCoin (WEALTH)DPoS; PoS-
Internet of People (IOP) Internet of People (IOP)SHA256; PoW/PoS21000000
Spectre (XSPEC) Spectre (XSPEC)POS 3.0; PoS-
Pepe Cash (PEPECASH) Pepe Cash (PEPECASH)N/A; N/A701884009
Clickcoin (CLICK) Clickcoin (CLICK)PoS; PoS-
Elysium (ELS) Elysium (ELS)Scrypt; PoW18000000
KushCoin (KUSH) KushCoin (KUSH)X11; PoW/PoS9354000
Eryllium (ERY) Eryllium (ERY)X11; PoW/PoS100000000
Pluton (PLU) Pluton (PLU)N/A; N/A20000000
President Trump (PRES) President Trump (PRES)N/A; N/A57968072167
BitzCoin (BTZ) BitzCoin (BTZ)X11; PoW/PoS-
Opes (OPES) Opes (OPES)Argon2; PoW52000000
Waves Community Token (WCT) Waves Community Token (WCT)N/A; N/A10000000
Ubiq (UBQ) Ubiq (UBQ)Dagger-Hashimoto; PoW-
Ratio (RATIO) Ratio (RATIO)PoS; PoS100000000
Babes and Nerds (BAN) Babes and Nerds (BAN)PoS; N/A150000000
NiceCoin (NICE) NiceCoin (NICE)Scrypt; PoW-
SmurfCoin (SMF) SmurfCoin (SMF)Scrypt; PoW/PoS2500000000
CryptoWorldXToken (CWXT) CryptoWorldXToken (CWXT)N/A; PoW/PoS100000000
TechCoin (TECH) TechCoin (TECH)X13; PoW/PoS300000
CircuitCoin (CIR) CircuitCoin (CIR)SHA256D; PoW/PoS3125000000
LePenCoin (LEPEN) LePenCoin (LEPEN)SHA256; PoS1000000000
RoundCoin (ROUND) RoundCoin (ROUND)N/A; N/A1000000000
MarijuanaCoin (MAR) MarijuanaCoin (MAR)X11; PoW/PoS-
MarxCoin (MARX) MarxCoin (MARX)X11; PoW100640000
Tatiana Coin (TAT) Tatiana Coin (TAT)N/A; N/A3000000
HazeCoin (HAZE) HazeCoin (HAZE)Scrypt; PoW25000000
Printerium (PRX) Printerium (PRX)Scrypt; PoW/PoS20000000
Neurocoin (NRC) Neurocoin (NRC)PoS; PoS-
PacCoin (PAC) PacCoin (PAC)SHA256D; PoW100000000000000
Impeach (IMPCH) Impeach (IMPCH)Scrypt; PoW/PoS21933333
ErrorCoin (ERR) ErrorCoin (ERR)Scrypt; PoW81000000
TrueInvestmentCoin (TIC) TrueInvestmentCoin (TIC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS53200000
NukeCoin (NUKE) NukeCoin (NUKE)PoS; PoS2778196
EveryonesCoin (EOC) EveryonesCoin (EOC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
Solarflarecoin (SFC) Solarflarecoin (SFC)Scrypt; PoW20000000
JaneCoin (JANE) JaneCoin (JANE)X11; PoW/PoS2100000000
ParanoiaCoin (PARA) ParanoiaCoin (PARA)Scrypt; PoW72000000
MasterMint (MM) MasterMint (MM)X11; PoS1500000000
Bitcedi (BXC) Bitcedi (BXC)CryptoNight; PoW8589869056
NinjaDoge (NDOGE) NinjaDoge (NDOGE)X11; PoW/PoS-
Zilbercoin (ZBC) Zilbercoin (ZBC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS55000000
Melon (MLN) Melon (MLN)N/A; N/A749400
FirstCoin (FRST) FirstCoin (FRST)Scrypt; PoW/PoS110000000
TenX (PAY) TenX (PAY)N/A; N/A205218255.9485
OroCoin (ORO) OroCoin (ORO)Scrypt; PoW23529412
Alexandrite (ALEX) Alexandrite (ALEX)SHA256; PoW/PoS1268000
TrashBurn (TBCX) TrashBurn (TBCX)SHA256D; PoS9000000
MasterCar (MCAR) MasterCar (MCAR)Scrypt; PoW/PoS2991837
TechShares (THS) TechShares (THS)DPoS; DPoS600000000
AcesCoin (ACES) AcesCoin (ACES)X13; PoS100000000
United Arab Emirates Coin (UAEC) United Arab Emirates Coin (UAEC)X11; PoW/PoS10000000
EagleCoin (EA) EagleCoin (EA)SHA256; PoW40000000
Persistent Information Exchange (PIE) Persistent Information Exchange (PIE)PoS; PoS-
CreativeChain (CREA) CreativeChain (CREA)Keccak; PoW115000000
WisdomCoin (WISC) WisdomCoin (WISC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
BeaverCoin (BVC) BeaverCoin (BVC)Scrypt; PoW3360000
FindCoin (FIND) FindCoin (FIND)X13; PoS14524851.4827
MeLite (MLITE) MeLite (MLITE)SHA256D; PoW/PoS1.000.000
StalinCoin (STALIN) StalinCoin (STALIN)X11; PoW/PoS3000000000
TattooCoin (TSE) TattooCoin (TSE)Scrypt; PoW/PoS500000000
VaultCoin (VLTC) VaultCoin (VLTC)X11; PoW1000000000
BioBar (BIOB) BioBar (BIOB)SHA256D; PoW/PoS60000000
Swarm City Token (SWT) Swarm City Token (SWT)N/A; N/A7885956
Pascal Lite (PASL) Pascal Lite (PASL)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
Zero (ZER) Zero (ZER)Equihash; PoW78948000
ChatCoin (CHAT) ChatCoin (CHAT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS52500000
Canada eCoin (CDN) Canada eCoin (CDN)Scrypt; PoW100000000
TrollPlay (TPAY) TrollPlay (TPAY)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
Netko (NETKO) Netko (NETKO)Blake; N/A25534140
Zoin (ZOI) Zoin (ZOI)Lyra2RE; PoW21000000
Honey (HONEY) Honey (HONEY)Blake2S; PoW/PoS7000000
MartexCoin (MXT) MartexCoin (MXT)X13; PoW/PoS5000000
Musicoin (MUSIC) Musicoin (MUSIC)Ethash; PoW454898394
Databits (DTB) Databits (DTB)N/A; N/A22747809
BitVegan (VEG) BitVegan (VEG)PoS; PoS600000000
Mbitbooks (MBIT) Mbitbooks (MBIT)Scrypt; PoW81000000
BitVolt (VOLT) BitVolt (VOLT)PoS; PoS-
MobileGo (MGO) MobileGo (MGO)N/A; N/A100000000
Edgeless (EDG) Edgeless (EDG)N/A; N/A132046997
BankCoin (B@) BankCoin ([email protected])N/A; N/A-
BestChain (BEST) BestChain (BEST)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
ChainCoin (CHC) ChainCoin (CHC)N/A; N/A23000000
Zennies (ZENI) Zennies (ZENI)Scrypt; PoS1000000000
PlanetCoin (PLANET) PlanetCoin (PLANET)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1000000
DuckDuckCoin (DUCK) DuckDuckCoin (DUCK)Scrypt; PoW121
BnrtxCoin (BNX) BnrtxCoin (BNX)X11; PoW210000000
BattleStake (BSTK) BattleStake (BSTK)PoS; PoS-
RenosCoin (RNS) RenosCoin (RNS)Scrypt; PoS34426423
DubaiCoin (DBIX) DubaiCoin (DBIX)Dagger-Hashimoto; PoW-
Kayı (KAYI) Kayı (KAYI)N/A; N/A1000000000
VirtacoinPlus (XVP) VirtacoinPlus (XVP)X11; PoW/PoS100000000
Doubloon (BOAT) Doubloon (BOAT)HMQ1725; PoW/PoS500000000
TajCoin (TAJ) TajCoin (TAJ)Blake2S; PoW/PoS36900000
Impact (IMX) Impact (IMX)X11; PoW/PoS110000000
CryptoJournal (CJC) CryptoJournal (CJC)PoS; PoS100000000
Amygws (AMY) Amygws (AMY)Scrypt; PoW23333333
Cubits (QBT) Cubits (QBT)SHA256; PoW/PoS300000000
StarCredits (SRC*) StarCredits (SRC*)N/A; N/A20000000
EB3coin (EB3) EB3coin (EB3)Scrypt; PoW4000000000
The Vegan Initiative (XVE) The Vegan Initiative (XVE)PoS; PoS50000000
FazzCoin (FAZZ) FazzCoin (FAZZ)PoS; PoS-
Aptcoin (APT) Aptcoin (APT)Scrypt-n; PoW42000000
BlazerCoin (BLAZR) BlazerCoin (BLAZR)Scrypt; PoW294336000
ArpaCoin (ARPA) ArpaCoin (ARPA)SHA256D; PoW/PoS-
Boats and Bitches (BNB*) Boats and Bitches (BNB*)X11; PoS696969
Universe (UNI) Universe (UNI)Scrypt; PoS112000000
ECOcoin (ECO) ECOcoin (ECO)Scrypt; PoW/PoS10733333
Solaris (XLR) Solaris (XLR)XEVAN; PoW/PoS-
Dark (DARK) Dark (DARK)SHA256; PoW/PoS12800000
DonationCoin (DON) DonationCoin (DON)Scrypt; PoW90000000
Mercury (MER) Mercury (MER)N/A; N/A100000000
WavesGO (WGO) WavesGO (WGO)N/A; N/A10000000
iEx.ec (RLC) iEx.ec (RLC)N/A; N/A 87000000
Atmos (ATMS) Atmos (ATMS)PoS; PoS110290030
InPay (INPAY) InPay (INPAY)N/A; N/A10000000
EncryptoTel (ETT) EncryptoTel (ETT)N/A; N/A77663987
wBTC (WBTC*) wBTC (WBTC*)N/A; N/A21000000
Visio (VISIO) Visio (VISIO)X13; PoW/PoS-
HappyCoin (HPC) HappyCoin (HPC)X11; PoW/PoS100000000
Giotto Coin (GOT) Giotto Coin (GOT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS233100000
Coinonat (CXT) Coinonat (CXT)NIST5; PoW48252000
EmporiumCoin (EMPC) EmporiumCoin (EMPC)X11; PoW/PoS-
Gnosis (GNO) Gnosis (GNO)N/A; N/A10000000
Legends Cryptocurrency (LGD) Legends Cryptocurrency (LGD)N/A; N/A30000000
Token as a Service (TAAS) Token as a Service (TAAS)N/A; N/A8146001
SwagBucks (BUCKS) SwagBucks (BUCKS)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
XtraBYtes (XBY) XtraBYtes (XBY)N/A; PoSign650000000
Guppy (GUP) Guppy (GUP)N/A; N/A100000000
MacronCoin (MCRN) MacronCoin (MCRN)PoS; PoS-
Lunyr (LUN) Lunyr (LUN)N/A; N/A2703356.0785
Condensate (RAIN) Condensate (RAIN)X11; PoW/PoS500000000
WeAreSatoshi (WSX) WeAreSatoshi (WSX)X11; PoW/PoS-
IvugeoEvolutionCoin (IEC) IvugeoEvolutionCoin (IEC)Scrypt; PoW100000000
Independent Money System (IMS) Independent Money System (IMS)Scrypt; PoW/PoS21212121
ArgusCoin (ARGUS) ArgusCoin (ARGUS)Scrypt; PoW/PoS28600000
Centurion (CNT) Centurion (CNT)X11; PoW/PoS-
LomoCoin (LMC) LomoCoin (LMC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1000000000
TokenCard   (TKN) TokenCard (TKN)N/A; N/A39406760
Bitcoin Scrypt (BTCS) Bitcoin Scrypt (BTCS)Scrypt; PoW21000000
ProCurrency (PROC) ProCurrency (PROC)SHA256; PoS75000000000
GoldReserve (XGR) GoldReserve (XGR)X11; PoW/PoS40000000
WarCoin (WRC*) WarCoin (WRC*)Scrypt; PoW/PoS11666667
BenjiRolls (BENJI) BenjiRolls (BENJI)Scrypt; PoW35520400
Humaniq (HMQ) Humaniq (HMQ)N/A; N/A-
Blockchain Capital (BCAP) Blockchain Capital (BCAP)N/A; N/A10000000
ParallelCoin (DUO) ParallelCoin (DUO)Scrypt; PoW1000000
RiptoBuX (RBX) RiptoBuX (RBX)N/A; N/A-
GrowthCoin (GRW) GrowthCoin (GRW)Scrypt; PoS37368000
Apx (APX) Apx (APX)N/A; N/A1000000
MiloCoin (MILO) MiloCoin (MILO)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
OldV (OLV) OldV (OLV)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
ILCoin (ILC) ILCoin (ILC)SHA256; PoW2500000000
MinersReward (MRT) MinersReward (MRT)N/A; N/A10000000
IOU1 (IOU) IOU1 (IOU)N/A; N/A100000000
Prizm (PZM) Prizm (PZM)SHA256; PoS600000000000000
Phreak (PHR) Phreak (PHR)PoS; PoS30000000
Aragon (ANT) Aragon (ANT)N/A; N/A39609524
PupaCoin (PUPA) PupaCoin (PUPA)Blake2S; PoW/PoS3500000000
RiceCoin (RICE) RiceCoin (RICE)X13; PoW/PoS10000000
C-Bits (XCT) C-Bits (XCT)SHA256; PoW210000000
Degas Coin (DEA) Degas Coin (DEA)Scrypt; PoW/PoS105000000
Redcoin (RED) Redcoin (RED)Scrypt; PoW-
ZSEcoin (ZSE) ZSEcoin (ZSE)X11; PoW/PoS2093500000
Coinmatic (CTIC) Coinmatic (CTIC)N/A; N/A-
TappingCoin (TAP) TappingCoin (TAP)X11; PoW/PoS5000000000
Primalbase (PBT) Primalbase (PBT)N/A; N/A1250
MilkCoin (MUU) MilkCoin (MUU)SHA256; PoW/PoS4500000000
Infinium-8 (INF8) Infinium-8 (INF8)HybridScryptHash256; PoW-
HTML5 Coin (HTML5) HTML5 Coin (HTML5)X15; PoW/PoS90000000000
Minereum (MNE) Minereum (MNE)N/A; N/A136576000
Etheroll (DICE) Etheroll (DICE)N/A; N/A7001623
Subscriptio (SUB*) Subscriptio (SUB*)PoS; PoS10000000
Ultimate Secure Cash (USC) Ultimate Secure Cash (USC)SHA256; PoS200084200
DuxCoin (DUX) DuxCoin (DUX)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1680000000
PoisonIvyCoin (XPS) PoisonIvyCoin (XPS)Scrypt; PoW/PoS4666666667
EquiTrader (EQT) EquiTrader (EQT)Scrypt; PoW72000000
Insane Coin (INSN) Insane Coin (INSN)X11; PoW/PoS30000000
Basic Attention Token (BAT) Basic Attention Token (BAT)N/A; N/A1500000000
Manet Coin (MAT*) Manet Coin (MAT*)Scrypt; PoW/PoS215000000
F16Coin (F16) F16Coin (F16)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
HamsterCoin (HAMS) HamsterCoin (HAMS)Scrypt; PoW20000000
QTUM (QTUM) QTUM (QTUM)POS 3.0; PoS100000000
NefariousCoin (NEF) NefariousCoin (NEF)Scrypt; PoW/PoS4835000000
ZenCash (ZEN) ZenCash (ZEN)Equihash; PoW21000000
BOScoin (BOS) BOScoin (BOS)N/A; mFBA500000000
Qwark (QWARK) Qwark (QWARK)N/A; N/A250377576
IOTA (IOT) IOTA (IOT)N/A; Tangle2779530283
Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL)N/A; PoS65000000
Adelphoi (ADL) Adelphoi (ADL)N/A; N/A100000000
E-CurrencyCoin (ECC*) E-CurrencyCoin (ECC*)Scrypt; PoW/PoS25000000000
Patientory (PTOY) Patientory (PTOY)N/A; N/A100002000
ZrCoin (ZRC) ZrCoin (ZRC)N/A; N/A4988894
Lykke (LKK) Lykke (LKK)N/A; N/A1285690000
Espers (ESP) Espers (ESP)HMQ1725; PoW/PoS50000000000
SatoshiMadness (MAD) SatoshiMadness (MAD)PoS; PoS2000000000
Dynamic (DYN) Dynamic (DYN)Argon2; PoW44738100
Sequence (SEQ) Sequence (SEQ)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
MCAP (MCAP) MCAP (MCAP)N/A; N/A100000000
Mysterium (MYST) Mysterium (MYST)N/A; N/A32433366
Veritaseum (VERI) Veritaseum (VERI)N/A; N/A100000000
SONM (SNM) SONM (SNM)N/A; N/A444000000
Skycoin (SKY) Skycoin (SKY)N/A; N/A100000000
Cofound.it (CFI) Cofound.it (CFI)N/A; N/A500000000
Status Network Token (SNT) Status Network Token (SNT)N/A; N/A6804870175
AventCoin (AVT) AventCoin (AVT)N/A; N/A10000000
Civic (CVC) Civic (CVC)N/A; N/A1000000000
iXledger (IXT) iXledger (IXT)N/A; N/A65778843.8311
Dent (DENT) Dent (DENT)N/A; N/A100000000000
Ethos (ETHOS) Ethos (ETHOS)N/A; N/A222295208.2384
Starta (STA) Starta (STA)N/A; N/A-
True Flip Lottery (TFL) True Flip Lottery (TFL)N/A; N/A8924667.5762055
Ergo (EFYT) Ergo (EFYT)N/A; N/A150000
Tezos (XTZ) Tezos (XTZ)N/A; DPoS-
EOS (EOS) EOS (EOS)DPoS; DPoS1000000000
Monaco (MCO) Monaco (MCO)N/A; N/A31587682.3632061
Numerai (NMR) Numerai (NMR)N/A; N/A2297106
AdEx (ADX) AdEx (ADX)N/A; N/A100000000
Quantum (QAU) Quantum (QAU)N/A; N/A246855127
EcoBit (ECOB) EcoBit (ECOB)N/A; N/A-
Polybius (PLBT) Polybius (PLBT)N/A; N/A20000000
Tether (USDT) Tether (USDT)N/A; N/A-
Nano (XRB) Nano (XRB)Blake2b; PoW340282367
Ahoolee (AHT) Ahoolee (AHT)Ethash; PoW100000000
ATB coin (ATB) ATB coin (ATB)SHA256; PoW-
Blocktix (TIX) Blocktix (TIX)N/A; N/A62500000
ChanCoin (CHAN) ChanCoin (CHAN)Cloverhash; PoW30000000
Compcoin (CMP) Compcoin (CMP)N/A; N/A10000000
Rivetz (RVT) Rivetz (RVT)N/A; N/A200000000
Harbour DAO (HRB) Harbour DAO (HRB)N/A; N/A19.125
Nimiq Exchange Token (NET*) Nimiq Exchange Token (NET*)N/A; N/A10500000
8 Circuit Studios (8BT) 8 Circuit Studios (8BT)N/A; N/A100000000
Blox (CDT) Blox (CDT)N/A; N/A1000000000
ACT (ACT) ACT (ACT)N/A; N/A10000000000
district0x (DNT) district0x (DNT)N/A; N/A1000000000
Suretly (SUR) Suretly (SUR)N/A; N/A-
CryptoPing (PING) CryptoPing (PING)N/A; N/A10000000
MakeItViral (MIV) MakeItViral (MIV)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
DAO.casino (BET*) DAO.casino (BET*)N/A; N/A167270821
Santiment (SAN) Santiment (SAN)N/A; N/A83337000
Kin (KIN) Kin (KIN)N/A; N/A10000000000000
Wagerr (WGR) Wagerr (WGR)PoS; N/A200000000
Elastic (XEL) Elastic (XEL)N/A; PoW100000000
NVO (NVST) NVO (NVST)N/A; N/A30000000
FunFair (FUN) FunFair (FUN)N/A; N/A17173696076
FunCoin (FUNC) FunCoin (FUNC)N/A; N/A100000000
PAquarium (PQT) PAquarium (PQT)N/A; N/A1200000000
Giga Watt (WTT) Giga Watt (WTT)N/A; N/A10800000
Metal (MTL) Metal (MTL)N/A; PoPP66588888
Hive Project (HVN) Hive Project (HVN)N/A; N/A500000000
MyBit (MYB) MyBit (MYB)N/A; N/A5000000
Populous (PPT) Populous (PPT)N/A; N/A53252246
SunContract (SNC) SunContract (SNC)N/A; N/A7994751.31
Starbase (STAR) Starbase (STAR)N/A; N/A1000000000
Corion (COR) Corion (COR)N/A; N/A-
Rialto.AI (XRL) Rialto.AI (XRL)N/A; N/A100000000
Orocrypt (OROC) Orocrypt (OROC)N/A; N/A-
OpenANX (OAX) OpenANX (OAX)N/A; N/A100000000
Monster Byte Inc (MBI) Monster Byte Inc (MBI)N/A; N/A40000000
Digital Developers Fund (DDF) Digital Developers Fund (DDF)N/A; N/A250000000
Gilgam (GGS) Gilgam (GGS)N/A; N/A30769113
Encrypgen (DNA) Encrypgen (DNA)N/A; N/A75000000
FundYourselfNow (FYN) FundYourselfNow (FYN)N/A; N/A12500000
FundRequest (FND) FundRequest (FND)N/A; N/A98611463.810279186741859
Dinastycoin (DCY) Dinastycoin (DCY)CryptoNight; PoW2000000000
CryptoForecast (CFT) CryptoForecast (CFT)N/A; N/A50000000
Denarius (DNR) Denarius (DNR)NIST5; PoW/PoS10000000
DigitalPrice (DP) DigitalPrice (DP)X11; PoW24629450
Virta Unique Coin (VUC) Virta Unique Coin (VUC)NIST5; PoW/PoS120000000
Bitcoin Planet (BTPL) Bitcoin Planet (BTPL)Skein; PoW/PoS100000000
Unify (UNIFY) Unify (UNIFY)Scrypt; PoW18181818
ImperialCoin (IPC) ImperialCoin (IPC)NeoScrypt; PoW1600000000
BritCoin (BRIT) BritCoin (BRIT)X13; PoW/PoS30000000
Ammo Rewards (AMMO) Ammo Rewards (AMMO)N/A; PoS77777777
SocialCoin (SOCC) SocialCoin (SOCC)Scrypt; PoW 75000000
Mass.Cloud (MASS) Mass.Cloud (MASS)N/A; N/A-
IMMLA (IML) IMMLA (IML)N/A; N/A226736000
Exchange Union (XUC) Exchange Union (XUC)N/A; N/A3000000000
BitJob (STU) BitJob (STU)N/A; N/A200000000
Pillar (PLR) Pillar (PLR)N/A; N/A800000000
GeoFunders (GUNS) GeoFunders (GUNS)N/A; N/A100000000
InvestFeed (IFT) InvestFeed (IFT)N/A; N/A191381258
BitClave (CAT) BitClave (CAT)N/A; N/A2000000000
Propy (PRO) Propy (PRO)N/A; N/A100000000
SynchroCoin (SYC) SynchroCoin (SYC)N/A; N/A100000000
Indorse (IND) Indorse (IND)N/A; N/A170622047
Bowhead Health (AHT*) Bowhead Health (AHT*)N/A; N/A100000000
TribeToken (TRIBE) TribeToken (TRIBE)N/A; N/A-
0x (ZRX) 0x (ZRX)N/A; N/A1000000000
Tierion (TNT) Tierion (TNT)N/A; N/A1000000000
Presearch (PRE*) Presearch (PRE*)N/A; N/A1000000000
COSS (COSS) COSS (COSS)N/A; N/A200000000
Storm (STORM) Storm (STORM)N/A; N/A10000000000
Napoleon X (NPX) Napoleon X (NPX)N/A; N/A50000000
Storj (STORJ) Storj (STORJ)N/A; N/A424999998
Scorecoin (SCORE) Scorecoin (SCORE)Scrypt; PoW-
OmiseGo (OMG) OmiseGo (OMG)N/A; PoS140245398
Octanox (OTX) Octanox (OTX)X11; PoW/PoS7905634
Equibit (EQB) Equibit (EQB)N/A; N/A1000000
Voise (VOISE) Voise (VOISE)N/A; N/A825578000
EthBits (ETBS) EthBits (ETBS)N/A; N/A1634690.762741201212
Crypviser (CVCOIN) Crypviser (CVCOIN)N/A; N/A15193882
DCORP (DRP) DCORP (DRP)N/A; N/A8094002.47
ArcticCoin (ARC) ArcticCoin (ARC)X11; PoW60000000
Bogcoin (BOG) Bogcoin (BOG)SHA256; PoW21212121
NeverDie (NDC) NeverDie (NDC)N/A; N/A400000000
Po.et (POE) Po.et (POE)N/A; N/A3141592653
AdToken (ADT) AdToken (ADT)N/A; N/A1000000000
Aeternity (AE) Aeternity (AE)N/A; PoW/PoS273685831
Useless Ethereum Token (UET) Useless Ethereum Token (UET)N/A; N/A3965716.0979
Particl (PART) Particl (PART)PoS; PoS8634140
Agoras Token (AGRS) Agoras Token (AGRS)N/A; N/A42000000
BeachCoin (SAND) BeachCoin (SAND)X11; PoW21000000
AICoin (XAI*) AICoin (XAI*)N/A; N/A-
DMarket (DMT) DMarket (DMT)N/A; N/A56921773.1719715
DAS (DAS) DAS (DAS)X11; PoW18900000
Adshares (ADST) Adshares (ADST)N/A; N/A12009726
BlockCAT (CAT*) BlockCAT (CAT*)N/A; N/A9200151.38980767339651393
CoinJob (XCJ) CoinJob (XCJ)N/A; N/A200000000
Royal Kingdom Coin (RKC) Royal Kingdom Coin (RKC)N/A; N/A15000000
NoLimitCoin (NLC2) NoLimitCoin (NLC2)PoS; PoS-
Linda (LINDA) Linda (LINDA)Scrypt; PoW/PoS50000000000
Spoon (SPN) Spoon (SPN)N/A; N/A100000000
King93 (KING) King93 (KING)N/A; N/A50000000
Anacrypt (ANCP) Anacrypt (ANCP)N/A; N/A10000
Reality Clash (RCC) Reality Clash (RCC)N/A; N/A150000000
RootProject (ROOTS) RootProject (ROOTS)N/A; N/A10000000000
Sosnovkino (SNK) Sosnovkino (SNK)N/A; N/A390000
CryptoABS (CABS) CryptoABS (CABS)N/A; N/A-
Opus (OPT) Opus (OPT)N/A; N/A1600000000
OpenZen (ZNT) OpenZen (ZNT)N/A; N/A270000000
Bits Digit (BITSD) Bits Digit (BITSD)N/A; N/A-
LeviarCoin (XLC) LeviarCoin (XLC)CryptoNight; PoW54000000
Skincoin (SKIN) Skincoin (SKIN)N/A; N/A488183483.290948
Mothership (MSP) Mothership (MSP)N/A; N/A200000000
HireMatch (HIRE) HireMatch (HIRE)N/A; N/A-
BrickBlock (BBT*) BrickBlock (BBT*)N/A; N/A-
REAL (REAL) REAL (REAL)N/A; N/A19717289.2292
DentalFix (DFBT) DentalFix (DFBT)N/A; N/A100000000
EQUI (EQ) EQUI (EQ)N/A; N/A500000000
Wolk (WLK) Wolk (WLK)N/A; N/A500000000
Viberate (VIB) Viberate (VIB)N/A; N/A200000000
DeepOnion (ONION) DeepOnion (ONION)X13; PoW/PoS18898187.6216583
Bitcore (BTX) Bitcore (BTX)Time Travel; PoW21000000
iDice (ICE) iDice (ICE)N/A; N/A2071013
Sphre AIR (XID) Sphre AIR (XID)N/A; N/A30820620.1838
gCn Coin (GCN) gCn Coin (GCN)Scrypt; PoW200000000000
Cosmos (ATOM*) Cosmos (ATOM*)PoS; N/A-
Decentraland (MANA) Decentraland (MANA)N/A; N/A2805886393.1583
ICO OpenLedger (ICOO) ICO OpenLedger (ICOO)N/A; N/A472649
Timereum (TME) Timereum (TME)N/A; N/A-
SmartCash (SMART) SmartCash (SMART)Keccak; PoW5000000000
Signatum (SIGT) Signatum (SIGT)SkunkHash v2 Raptor; PoS137500000
Onix (ONX) Onix (ONX)X11; PoW1100000000
CoEval (COE) CoEval (COE)N/A; N/A100000
Arena (ARENA) Arena (ARENA)N/A; N/A14000000
Wink (WINK) Wink (WINK)PoS; PoS80000000
Cream (CRM) Cream (CRM)X11; PoW/PoS100000000
Bitcoin Cash / BCC (BCH) Bitcoin Cash / BCC (BCH)SHA256; PoW21000000
DigiPulse (DGPT) DigiPulse (DGPT)N/A; N/A5420726
Mobius (MOBI) Mobius (MOBI)N/A; N/A888000000
BitDice (CSNO) BitDice (CSNO)N/A; N/A100000000
KickCoin (KICK) KickCoin (KICK)N/A; N/A476222009
Solar DAO (SDAO) Solar DAO (SDAO)N/A; N/A80000000
Stox (STX) Stox (STX)N/A; N/A58850550.4633
Binance Coin (BNB) Binance Coin (BNB)N/A; N/A200000000
Core Group Asset (CORE) Core Group Asset (CORE)N/A; N/A1000000
Kencoin (KCN) Kencoin (KCN)N/A; N/A1000000000
Qvolta (QVT) Qvolta (QVT)N/A; N/A21600000
Ties Network (TIE) Ties Network (TIE)N/A; N/A200000000
Autoria (AUT) Autoria (AUT)N/A; N/A-
CodeTract (CTT) CodeTract (CTT)N/A; N/A-
Growers International (GRWI) Growers International (GRWI)DPoS; N/A1000420
Monkey (MNY) Monkey (MNY)N/A; N/A1000000000
Monetha (MTH) Monetha (MTH)N/A; N/A402400000
CCCoin (CCC) CCCoin (CCC)N/A; N/A2500000
Umbrella Coin (UMC) Umbrella Coin (UMC)N/A; N/A100000000
Bitmxittz (BMXT) Bitmxittz (BMXT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS10000
Gas (GAS) Gas (GAS)N/A; N/A9677664
FileCoin (FIL) FileCoin (FIL)N/A; N/A-
Oceanlab (OCL) Oceanlab (OCL)N/A; DPoS/LPoS50000000
Benjacoin (BNC) Benjacoin (BNC)N/A; N/A1000000000
Tomahawkcoin (TOM) Tomahawkcoin (TOM)N/A; N/A200000000
Bytom (BTM*) Bytom (BTM*)N/A; N/A1407000000
Asch (XAS) Asch (XAS)N/A; N/A100000000
Dentacoin (DCN) Dentacoin (DCN)N/A; N/A8000000000000
Agrello Delta (DLT) Agrello Delta (DLT)N/A; N/A130271020
Macroverse (MRV) Macroverse (MRV)N/A; N/A668908
Embers (MBRS) Embers (MBRS)N/A; N/A50000000
Substratum Network (SUB) Substratum Network (SUB)N/A; N/A600000000
Memessenger (MET) Memessenger (MET)N/A; N/A10000000
Neblio (NEBL) Neblio (NEBL)N/A; N/A-
Prospectors (PGL) Prospectors (PGL)N/A; N/A220000000
Monoeci (XMCC) Monoeci (XMCC)X11; PoW/PoS9507271
Authoreon (AUTH) Authoreon (AUTH)N/A; N/A1000000000
Cash Poker Pro (CASH*) Cash Poker Pro (CASH*)N/A; N/A-
CampusCoin (CMPCO) CampusCoin (CMPCO)Scrypt; PoW1010000000
DetectorToken (DTCT) DetectorToken (DTCT)N/A; N/A-
Centra (CTR) Centra (CTR)N/A; N/A100000000
Wavesnode.net (WNET) Wavesnode.net (WNET)N/A; N/A10000000
Paragon (PRG) Paragon (PRG)N/A; N/A200000000
ThankYou (THNX) ThankYou (THNX)N/A; N/A70000000
HealthyWorm (WORM) HealthyWorm (WORM)PoS; PoS-
Fuck Token (FUCK) Fuck Token (FUCK)N/A; N/A70856775
Veredictum (VNT) Veredictum (VNT)N/A; N/A-
Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT) Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT)N/A; N/A722,935
Ignis (IGNIS) Ignis (IGNIS)N/A; N/A-
IwToken (IWT) IwToken (IWT)N/A; N/A-
JustDatingSite (JDC) JustDatingSite (JDC)N/A; N/A-
Intelligent Trading Technologies (ITT) Intelligent Trading Technologies (ITT)N/A; N/A11500000
BlockLancer (LNC) BlockLancer (LNC)N/A; N/A10000000
Aigang (AIX) Aigang (AIX)N/A; N/A29274566.724462560143156861
Everex (EVX) Everex (EVX)N/A; N/A25000000
Eternal Coin (XEC) Eternal Coin (XEC)N/A; N/A200000000
Entropy Token (ENTRP) Entropy Token (ENTRP)N/A; N/A100000000
ICOBox (ICOS) ICOBox (ICOS)N/A; N/A591617
Lampix (PIX) Lampix (PIX)N/A; N/A327154880
MediBond (MEDI) MediBond (MEDI)N/A; N/A250000000
Hello Gold (HGT) Hello Gold (HGT)N/A; N/A1000000000
Litra (LTA) Litra (LTA)N/A; N/A99999999
Nimfamoney (NIMFA) Nimfamoney (NIMFA)N/A; N/A100000000
Scorista (SCOR) Scorista (SCOR)N/A; N/A-
CPROP (MLS) CPROP (MLS)N/A; N/A100000000
KexCoin (KEX) KexCoin (KEX)N/A; N/A10000000
Cobinhood (COB) Cobinhood (COB)N/A; N/A1000000000
Bitradio (BRO) Bitradio (BRO)PoS; PoS-
Minex (MINEX) Minex (MINEX)N/A; N/A30000000
BeckSang (ARI*) BeckSang (ARI*)N/A; N/A5000000000
Magos (MAG*) Magos (MAG*)N/A; N/A50123377
Draftcoin (DFT) Draftcoin (DFT)Scrypt; PoS17405891.19707116
Vechain (VEN) Vechain (VEN)N/A; N/A1000000000
Utrust (UTK) Utrust (UTK)N/A; N/A500000000
Latium (LAT) Latium (LAT)N/A; N/A30000000
Sojourn Coin (SOJ) Sojourn Coin (SOJ)Scrypt; PoW10500000000
Hedge Token (HDG) Hedge Token (HDG)N/A; N/A5774676.11
Stakecoin (STCN) Stakecoin (STCN)PoS; PoS-
SqPay (SQP) SqPay (SQP)N/A; N/A1000000
Etheriya (RIYA) Etheriya (RIYA)N/A; N/A1861532
Ethereum.Link (LNK) Ethereum.Link (LNK)N/A; N/A47503.2535
Ambrosus (AMB) Ambrosus (AMB)N/A; N/A361477438
Wanchain (WAN) Wanchain (WAN)N/A; PoS-
GoldMint (MNT) GoldMint (MNT)N/A; N/A10000000
AltoCar (ALTOCAR) AltoCar (ALTOCAR)N/A; N/A-
Credo (CFT*) Credo (CFT*)N/A; N/A-
Blockchain Index (BLX) Blockchain Index (BLX)N/A; N/A372601.2965
Boulle (BOU) Boulle (BOU)N/A; N/A-
Oxycoin (OXY) Oxycoin (OXY)DPoS; DPoS-
Tap Project (TTT) Tap Project (TTT)N/A; N/A1500000000
Acumen (AMT) Acumen (AMT)N/A; N/A-
Gimli (GIM) Gimli (GIM)N/A; N/A150000000
NewYorkCoin (NYC) NewYorkCoin (NYC)Scrypt; PoW10000000000
LiteBitcoin (LBTC) LiteBitcoin (LBTC)Scrypt; PoW1000000000
FrazCoin (FRAZ) FrazCoin (FRAZ)Scrypt; PoW20000000
EasyMine (EMT) EasyMine (EMT)N/A; N/A33000000
Gx Coin (GXC) Gx Coin (GXC)N/A; N/A10000000
Hubiit (HBT) Hubiit (HBT)N/A; N/A31,801,783.6598
Kronecoin (KRONE) Kronecoin (KRONE)Scrypt; PoW84000000
Scrypto (SRT) Scrypto (SRT)N/A; N/A9123000
Avalon (AVA) Avalon (AVA)N/A; N/A10000000
BuildTeam (BT) BuildTeam (BT)N/A; N/A1000000
AdCoin (ACC) AdCoin (ACC)Scrypt; PoW100000000
Ar.cash (AR*) Ar.cash (AR*)SHA256; PoW-
Z2 Coin (Z2) Z2 Coin (Z2)SHA256; PoW11000000
Linx (LINX) Linx (LINX)Scrypt; PoW100000000
CoinonatX (XCXT) CoinonatX (XCXT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS48252000
BlakeStar (BLAS) BlakeStar (BLAS)Blake2S; PoW/PoS2400000000
GoodCoin (GOOD) GoodCoin (GOOD)Scrypt; PoW/PoS100000000
Sociall (SCL) Sociall (SCL)N/A; N/A16714019.6643
Travel Coin (TRV) Travel Coin (TRV)N/A; N/A200000
Cryptum (CRTM) Cryptum (CRTM)N/A; Proof of Ownership1100000
Exscudo (EON) Exscudo (EON)N/A; DPoS-
Primas (PST) Primas (PST)N/A; N/A100000000
Matryx (MTX) Matryx (MTX)N/A; N/A-
Privatix (PRIX) Privatix (PRIX)N/A; N/A1275455.31177803
CarTaxi (CTX) CarTaxi (CTX)N/A; N/A487500000
Enjin Coin (ENJ) Enjin Coin (ENJ)N/A; N/A1000000000
Cryptonex (CNX) Cryptonex (CNX)N/A; N/A210000000
Dropcoin (DRC) Dropcoin (DRC)N/A; PoS500000000
Etherparty (FUEL) Etherparty (FUEL)N/A; N/A1000000000
TokenStars (ACE) TokenStars (ACE)N/A; N/A-
Worldcore (WRC) Worldcore (WRC)N/A; N/A245209299
Waltonchain (WTC) Waltonchain (WTC)Ethash; N/A70000000
Breakout Stake (BRX) Breakout Stake (BRX)N/A; PoW/PoS-
U.CASH (UCASH) U.CASH (UCASH)N/A; N/A21000000000
WRTcoin (WRT) WRTcoin (WRT)X11; PoW25000000000
Ormeus Coin (ORME) Ormeus Coin (ORME)N/A; N/A200000000
Deep Gold (DEEP) Deep Gold (DEEP)N/A; N/A100000000
ToTheMoon (TMT) ToTheMoon (TMT)N/A; N/A51750000
Crystal Clear Token  (CCT) Crystal Clear Token (CCT)N/A; N/A10000000
Wish Finance (WSH) Wish Finance (WSH)N/A; N/A30000000
ARNA Panacea (ARNA) ARNA Panacea (ARNA)N/A; N/A1000000000
AB-Chain (ABC) AB-Chain (ABC)N/A; N/A210000000
Papyrus (PRP) Papyrus (PRP)N/A; N/A-
Blackmoon Crypto (BMC) Blackmoon Crypto (BMC)N/A; N/A60000000
Skrilla Token (SKR*) Skrilla Token (SKR*)N/A; N/A405545345
3DES (3DES) 3DES (3DES)N/A; N/A35000000
Paycentos (PYN) Paycentos (PYN)N/A; N/A450000000
Kapu (KAPU) Kapu (KAPU)DPoS; DPoS115000000
Sense Token (SENSE) Sense Token (SENSE)N/A; N/A1000000000
Cappasity (CAPP) Cappasity (CAPP)N/A; N/A10000000000
BLOCKv (VEE) BLOCKv (VEE)N/A; N/A6428571429
Facecoin (FC) Facecoin (FC)N/A; N/A20000000
Ripio (RCN) Ripio (RCN)N/A; PoW1000000000
Doc.ai Neuron (NRN) Doc.ai Neuron (NRN)N/A; N/A860000000
Eventchain (EVC) Eventchain (EVC)N/A; N/A84000000
ChainLink (LINK) ChainLink (LINK)N/A; N/A1000000000
Crowdwiz (WIZ) Crowdwiz (WIZ)N/A; PoS40000000
Eidoo (EDO) Eidoo (EDO)N/A; N/A90708327
A-Token (ATKN) A-Token (ATKN)N/A; N/A30000000
Kyber Network (KNC) Kyber Network (KNC)N/A; N/A226000000
Rustbits (RUSTBITS) Rustbits (RUSTBITS)N/A; N/A100000000
REX (REX) REX (REX)N/A; N/A24041497.2407
Ethereum Dark (ETHD) Ethereum Dark (ETHD)Scrypt; PoW/PoS4200000
Sumokoin (SUMO) Sumokoin (SUMO)CryptoNight; PoW88888888
Tronix (TRX) Tronix (TRX)N/A; N/A100000000000
Elite 888 (8S) Elite 888 (8S)N/A; N/A888
Hydrominer (H2O) Hydrominer (H2O)N/A; N/A100000000
Crypto Tickets (TKT) Crypto Tickets (TKT)N/A; N/A52006540
Rhea (RHEA) Rhea (RHEA)N/A; N/A50000000
Maecenas (ART) Maecenas (ART)N/A; N/A100000000
DomRaider (DRT) DomRaider (DRT)N/A; N/A1300000000
Snovio (SNOV) Snovio (SNOV)N/A; N/A651129644
DreamTeam Token (DTT) DreamTeam Token (DTT)N/A; N/A-
TrackNetToken (MTN) TrackNetToken (MTN)N/A; N/A100000000
StockBet (STOCKBET) StockBet (STOCKBET)N/A; N/A-
Algo.Land (PLM) Algo.Land (PLM)N/A; PoS-
Salt Lending (SALT) Salt Lending (SALT)N/A; N/A120000000
Sandcoin (SND) Sandcoin (SND)N/A; N/A2684319
Experience Points (XP) Experience Points (XP)SHA256; PoW/PoS-
Loopring (LRC) Loopring (LRC)N/A; N/A1395076055
Hshare (HSR) Hshare (HSR)N/A; PoW/PoS84000000
Gladius (GLA) Gladius (GLA)N/A; N/A96300000
Zenome (ZNA) Zenome (ZNA)N/A; N/A-
EZMarket (EZM) EZMarket (EZM)N/A; N/A150000000
Obsidian (ODN) Obsidian (ODN)SHA-512; PoS91388946
ClearPoll (POLL) ClearPoll (POLL)N/A; N/A9999991
Moya Token (MTK) Moya Token (MTK)N/A; N/A125000000
Cashaa (CAS) Cashaa (CAS)N/A; N/A1000000000
MiniApps (MAT) MiniApps (MAT)N/A; PoW10624482.461137533912144041
Global Jobcoin (GJC) Global Jobcoin (GJC)N/A; N/A100000000
Wi Coin (WIC) Wi Coin (WIC)N/A; N/A100000000
Webcoin (WEB) Webcoin (WEB)N/A; PoW100000000
WandX (WAND) WandX (WAND)N/A; N/A72000000
Elixir (ELIX) Elixir (ELIX)N/A; N/A24147007.0087
eBitcoin (EBTC) eBitcoin (EBTC)N/A; N/A21000000
Hackspace Capital (HAC) Hackspace Capital (HAC)N/A; N/A1000000000
Cardano (ADA) Cardano (ADA)Ouroboros; PoS45000000000
Yoyow (YOYOW) Yoyow (YOYOW)N/A; N/A62000000
Regalcoin (REC) Regalcoin (REC)X11; PoW/PoS27000000
Bismuth (BIS) Bismuth (BIS)N/A; PoW109999978
Opporty (OPP) Opporty (OPP)N/A; N/A1000000000
Ice Rock Mining (ROCK) Ice Rock Mining (ROCK)N/A; N/A16500000
Earth Token (EARTH) Earth Token (EARTH)N/A; N/A1000000000
ICON Project (ICX) ICON Project (ICX)N/A; LFT400230000
Vsync (VSX) Vsync (VSX)X13; PoW/PoS-
WishFinance (WISH*) WishFinance (WISH*)N/A; N/A-
FLASH coin (FLASH) FLASH coin (FLASH)N/A; N/A900000000
Graft Blockchain (GRFT) Graft Blockchain (GRFT)CryptoNight; PoW/PoS1844674400
BitcoinZ (BTCZ) BitcoinZ (BTCZ)Equihash; PoW21000000000
Crazy Coin (CZC) Crazy Coin (CZC)N/A; N/A85000000
PayPie (PPP) PayPie (PPP)N/A; N/A165000000
Peerguess (GUESS) Peerguess (GUESS)N/A; N/A200000000
CanYaCoin (CAN) CanYaCoin (CAN)N/A; N/A100000000
Metaverse (ETP) Metaverse (ETP)Ethash; N/A100000000
Cryptonetix (CIX) Cryptonetix (CIX)N/A; N/A100000000
Esports.com (ERT) Esports.com (ERT)N/A; N/A60000000
LakeBanker (BAC*) LakeBanker (BAC*)N/A; N/A500000000
FLiK (FLIK) FLiK (FLIK)N/A; N/A600000000
Trippki (TRIP) Trippki (TRIP)N/A; N/A200000000
Multibot (MBT) Multibot (MBT)N/A; N/A25000000
Javvy (JVY) Javvy (JVY)N/A; N/A1000000000000040000.3135
ALISmedia (ALIS) ALISmedia (ALIS)N/A; N/A287604611.0864
Leverj (LEV) Leverj (LEV)N/A; N/A1000000000
Arbi (ARBI) Arbi (ARBI)Ethash; N/A50000
Eloplay (ELT) Eloplay (ELT)N/A; N/A-
Request Network (REQ) Request Network (REQ)N/A; N/A1000000000
Aeron (ARN) Aeron (ARN)N/A; N/A100000000
Datum (DAT) Datum (DAT)N/A; N/A2653841597.973271663912484125
VIBEHub (VIBE) VIBEHub (VIBE)N/A; N/A267000000
Rockchain (ROK) Rockchain (ROK)N/A; N/A100000000
X Real Estate Development (XRED) X Real Estate Development (XRED)N/A; N/A65000000
Chronologic (DAY) Chronologic (DAY)N/A; N/A806812
AirSwap (AST) AirSwap (AST)N/A; N/A500000000
Gameflip (FLP) Gameflip (FLP)N/A; N/A100000000
HextraCoin (HXT) HextraCoin (HXT)Scrypt; N/A29000000
Cindicator (CND) Cindicator (CND)N/A; N/A2000000005
Prosense.tv (VRP) Prosense.tv (VRP)N/A; N/A720000000
NetM (NTM) NetM (NTM)Scrypt; PoW101318932073.89769
TrezarCoin (TZC) TrezarCoin (TZC)NeoScrypt; PoW/PoS400000000
Enigma (ENG) Enigma (ENG)N/A; N/A150000000
Musiconomi (MCI) Musiconomi (MCI)N/A; N/A100000000
Covesting (COV) Covesting (COV)N/A; N/A20000000
Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX)N/A; N/A185000000
AirToken (AIR) AirToken (AIR)N/A; N/A1491492558
Fujinto (NTO) Fujinto (NTO)N/A; N/A400000000
ATC Coin (ATCC) ATC Coin (ATCC)Scrypt; PoW84000000
Kolion (KOLION) Kolion (KOLION)N/A; N/A1000000
Wild Crypto (WILD) Wild Crypto (WILD)N/A; N/A100000000
eLTC (ELTC2) eLTC (ELTC2)N/A; N/A84000000
ILCoin Token (ILCT) ILCoin Token (ILCT)SHA256; PoW-
Power Ledger (POWR) Power Ledger (POWR)N/A; N/A1000000000
Crypto20 (C20) Crypto20 (C20)N/A; N/A40656081.980167189594966596
Anryze (RYZ) Anryze (RYZ)N/A; N/A321000000
GenXCoin (GXC*) GenXCoin (GXC*)X15; PoW/PoS2000000000
Elements (ELM) Elements (ELM)X11; PoW1800000000
TerraNovaCoin (TER) TerraNovaCoin (TER)Scrypt; PoW/PoS15733333
CybCSec Coin (XCS) CybCSec Coin (XCS)POS 3.0; PoS-
Bitqy (BQ) Bitqy (BQ)N/A; N/A10000000000
Caviar (CAV) Caviar (CAV)N/A; N/A375000000
Clout (CLOUT) Clout (CLOUT)N/A; N/A100000000
Propthereum (PTC*) Propthereum (PTC*)N/A; N/A-
WaBi (WABI) WaBi (WABI)N/A; N/A100000000
Everus (EVR) Everus (EVR)N/A; N/A1000000000
TOA Coin (TOA) TOA Coin (TOA)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
Monaize (MNZ) Monaize (MNZ)Equihash; PoW/DPoW257142857
VIVO Coin (VIVO) VIVO Coin (VIVO)NeoScrypt; PoW27000000
Red Pulse (RPX) Red Pulse (RPX)N/A; N/A1358371250
Moeda (MDA) Moeda (MDA)N/A; N/A19628888
Zeusshield (ZSC) Zeusshield (ZSC)N/A; N/A5642500000
Aureus (AURS) Aureus (AURS)Scrypt; N/A21000000
Change (CAG) Change (CAG)N/A; N/A79184116
Playkey (PKT) Playkey (PKT)N/A; N/A100000000
Social Media Market (SMT) Social Media Market (SMT)N/A; N/A48000000
e-Chat (ECHT) e-Chat (ECHT)N/A; N/A300000000
Internxt (INXT) Internxt (INXT)N/A; N/A1119295
Authorship (ATS) Authorship (ATS)N/A; N/A100000000
RG Coin (RGC) RG Coin (RGC)NIST5; PoW/PoS300000000
EthBet (EBET) EthBet (EBET)N/A; N/A10000000
Revain (R) Revain (R)N/A; N/A1000000000
Modum (MOD) Modum (MOD)N/A; N/A18266200
Bitcomo (BM*) Bitcomo (BM*)N/A; N/A170000000
CryptoPay (CPAY) CryptoPay (CPAY)N/A; N/A320000000
Rupee (RUP) Rupee (RUP)Lyra2REv2; PoW84000000
Bonpay (BON) Bonpay (BON)N/A; N/A21745688.353416168378405037
AppCoins (APPC) AppCoins (APPC)N/A; N/A246203093
WhaleCoin (WHL) WhaleCoin (WHL)Ethash; PoW-
Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Bitcoin Gold (BTG)Equihash; PoW21000000
UpToken (UP) UpToken (UP)N/A; N/A10000000000
Ethereum Gold (ETG) Ethereum Gold (ETG)N/A; N/A24000000
WomenCoin (WOMEN) WomenCoin (WOMEN)Scrypt; PoW/PoS25000000000
Theresa May Coin (MAY) Theresa May Coin (MAY)SHA256; PoW/PoS100000000
Render Token (RNDR) Render Token (RNDR)N/A; N/A-
Eddie coin (EDDIE) Eddie coin (EDDIE)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1000000000
Soma (SCT*) Soma (SCT*)N/A; N/A60000000
NamoCoin (NAMO) NamoCoin (NAMO)NIST5; PoW/PoS1200000000
Kucoin (KCS) Kucoin (KCS)N/A; N/A181043076
Ethereum Blue (BLUE) Ethereum Blue (BLUE)N/A; N/A42000000
Follow Coin (FLLW) Follow Coin (FLLW)N/A; N/A1000000000
Wyrify (WYR) Wyrify (WYR)N/A; N/A200000000
Vezt (VZT) Vezt (VZT)N/A; PoW125000000
IndiCoin (INDI) IndiCoin (INDI)N/A; PoW550000000
LUXCoin (LUX) LUXCoin (LUX)PHI1612; PoW/PoS60000000
TBIS token (BAR) TBIS token (BAR)N/A; N/A100000000
Pirl (PIRL) Pirl (PIRL)Dagger; PoW-
Ethereum Cash (ECASH) Ethereum Cash (ECASH)N/A; N/A15000000
WePower (WPR) WePower (WPR)N/A; N/A746403007.29
Dragonchain (DRGN) Dragonchain (DRGN)N/A; N/A433494437
ODMCoin (ODMC) ODMCoin (ODMC)N/A; N/A25000
CyberTrust (CABS*) CyberTrust (CABS*)N/A; N/A600000
Brat (BRAT) Brat (BRAT)N/A; N/A1000000000
Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR) Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR)N/A; N/A3750000
CryptoInsight (TKR) CryptoInsight (TKR)N/A; N/A12529747
SelfKey (KEY) SelfKey (KEY)N/A; N/A6000000000
EthereumLite (ELITE) EthereumLite (ELITE)N/A; N/A1000000
Xios (XIOS) Xios (XIOS)Scrypt; PoW/PoS21000000
DOVU (DOVU) DOVU (DOVU)N/A; N/A1200000000
Electroneum (ETN) Electroneum (ETN)N/A; PoW21000000000
Realisto (REA) Realisto (REA)N/A; N/A3629668
Avesta (AVE) Avesta (AVE)Avesta hash; PoW200000000
Xenon (XNN) Xenon (XNN)N/A; N/A1000000000
Bitcloud 2.0 (BTDX) Bitcloud 2.0 (BTDX)Quark; PoW/PoS200000000
Lendoit (LOAN) Lendoit (LOAN)N/A; N/A-
Data Trading (DTT*) Data Trading (DTT*)N/A; N/A-
ZABERcoin (ZAB) ZABERcoin (ZAB)N/A; N/A10000000
Modulum (MDL) Modulum (MDL)N/A; N/A35100000
Bitfinex Bitcoin Future (BT1) Bitfinex Bitcoin Future (BT1)N/A; N/A-
Bitcoin SegWit2X (BT2) Bitcoin SegWit2X (BT2)N/A; N/A-
Sharpe Capital (SHP) Sharpe Capital (SHP)N/A; N/A333333333
Jincor (JCR) Jincor (JCR)N/A; N/A35000000
Extreme Sportsbook (XSB) Extreme Sportsbook (XSB)X11; PoS3000000
ATMChain (ATM) ATMChain (ATM)N/A; N/A10000000000
eBoost (EBST) eBoost (EBST)Scrypt; PoW100000000
KekCoin (KEK) KekCoin (KEK)POS 2.0; PoS21000000
AidCoin (AID) AidCoin (AID)N/A; N/A100000000
BlackholeCoin (BHC*) BlackholeCoin (BHC*)Scrypt; PoW/PoS14788275.991
AltCommunity Coin (ALTCOM) AltCommunity Coin (ALTCOM)SkunkHash; PoW/PoS163358.72760916
Simple Token (OST) Simple Token (OST)N/A; N/A800000000
Streamr DATAcoin (DATA) Streamr DATAcoin (DATA)N/A; N/A987154514
ugChain (UGC) ugChain (UGC)N/A; N/A100000000
Datacoin (DTC*) Datacoin (DTC*)Multiple; PoW2000000000
HEROcoin (PLAY) HEROcoin (PLAY)N/A; N/A252165029
Pure (PURE) Pure (PURE)X11; PoW/PoS3686860
Cloud (CLD) Cloud (CLD)N/A; N/A60000000
Open Trading Network (OTN) Open Trading Network (OTN)N/A; N/A100000000
PoSToken (POS) PoSToken (POS)N/A; PoS10000000
Rebellious (REBL) Rebellious (REBL)N/A; N/A326480305
NEO Gold (NEOG) NEO Gold (NEOG)N/A; N/A100000000
ExchangeN (EXN) ExchangeN (EXN)N/A; N/A10000000
INS Ecosystem (INS) INS Ecosystem (INS)N/A; N/A50000000
Tracto (TRCT) Tracto (TRCT)N/A; N/A70000000
UnikoinGold (UKG) UnikoinGold (UKG)N/A; N/A1000000000
Bitcoin Red (BTCRED) Bitcoin Red (BTCRED)N/A; N/A21000000
eBitcoinCash (EBCH) eBitcoinCash (EBCH)N/A; N/A21000000
J Coin (JPC*) J Coin (JPC*)N/A; N/A100000000
AIX (AXT) AIX (AXT)N/A; N/A20000000
Raiden Network (RDN*) Raiden Network (RDN*)N/A; N/A100000000
Neumark (NEU) Neumark (NEU)N/A; N/A1500000000
Rupaya (RUPX) Rupaya (RUPX)Scrypt; PoW/PoS8400000
BlueDragon (BDR) BlueDragon (BDR)N/A; N/A728121985
Infinity Economics (XIN) Infinity Economics (XIN)SHA256; PoS9000000
Dutch Coin (DUTCH) Dutch Coin (DUTCH)Scrypt; PoW/PoS440000000
Trade.io (TIO) Trade.io (TIO)N/A; N/A500000000
Huncoin (HNC*) Huncoin (HNC*)X13; PoW86400000
MadCoin (MDC*) MadCoin (MDC*)Scrypt; PoW10000000
Pura (PURA) Pura (PURA)X11; PoW350000000
Innova (INN) Innova (INN)NeoScrypt; PoW45000000
Decision Token (HST) Decision Token (HST)N/A; N/A48240069.5496
BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT) BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT)N/A; N/A116158667
Bitdeal (BDL) Bitdeal (BDL)Scrypt; PoW300000000
COMSA (CMS) COMSA (CMS)N/A; N/A219042298
Billionaire Token (XBL) Billionaire Token (XBL)N/A; N/A3315372
Project Zephyr (ZEPH) Project Zephyr (ZEPH)N/A; N/A2000000000
ATFS Project (ATFS) ATFS Project (ATFS)N/A; N/A380000000
Galaxy eSolutions (GES) Galaxy eSolutions (GES)N/A; N/A300000000
Nuls (NULS) Nuls (NULS)N/A; N/A40000000
Phore (PHR*) Phore (PHR*)POS 3.0; N/A18773269
LitecoinCash (LCASH) LitecoinCash (LCASH)N/A; N/A12000000
Confido (CFD) Confido (CFD)N/A; N/A15000000
SophiaTX (SPHTX) SophiaTX (SPHTX)N/A; N/A350000000
PlusCoin (PLC) PlusCoin (PLC)N/A; N/A82500000000
SirinLabs (SRN) SirinLabs (SRN)N/A; N/A572916627.078562646983596714
WiserCoin (WSC) WiserCoin (WSC)Scrypt; PoW22105263
Decent.bet (DBET) Decent.bet (DBET)N/A; N/A133039762.4203
Go! (xGOx) Go! (xGOx)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1000000000
Newbium (NEWB) Newbium (NEWB)N/A; N/A49000000
LIFE (LIFE) LIFE (LIFE)N/A; N/A100000000000
Russian Mining Coin (RMC) Russian Mining Coin (RMC)N/A; N/A10756.8259
Credo (CREDO) Credo (CREDO)N/A; N/A1374729257.2286
Masari (MSR) Masari (MSR)CryptoNight; PoW18500000
ConnectJob Token (CJT) ConnectJob Token (CJT)N/A; N/A300000000
Ethersportcoin (ESC) Ethersportcoin (ESC)N/A; N/A100000000
Envion (EVN) Envion (EVN)N/A; N/A150000000
Bankera (BNK) Bankera (BNK)N/A; N/A25000000000
Ellaism (ELLA) Ellaism (ELLA)Ethash; PoW280000000
BlockPool (BPL) BlockPool (BPL)DPoS; N/A-
RocketCoin  (ROCK*) RocketCoin (ROCK*)N/A; N/A25000000
Droxne (DRXNE) Droxne (DRXNE)PoS; PoS-
Sakuracoin (SKR) Sakuracoin (SKR)Scrypt; PoW105100000
Grid+ (GRID) Grid+ (GRID)N/A; N/A300000000
PlatinumBAR (XPTX) PlatinumBAR (XPTX)Quark; PoW/PoS-
Genesis Vision (GVT) Genesis Vision (GVT)N/A; N/A4436644
Energi Token (ETK) Energi Token (ETK)N/A; N/A2307692310
Astronaut (ASTRO) Astronaut (ASTRO)N/A; N/A6999999
Mercury Protocol (GMT) Mercury Protocol (GMT)N/A; N/A1000000000
Emphy (EPY*) Emphy (EPY*)N/A; N/A15375000
Soarcoin (SOAR) Soarcoin (SOAR)N/A; N/A5000000000
Experty (EXY) Experty (EXY)N/A; N/A79404563.976510606
Interstellar Holdings (HOLD) Interstellar Holdings (HOLD)Scrypt; PoS1970000000
MinexCoin (MNX) MinexCoin (MNX)Mars; N/A19000000
Credits (CRDS) Credits (CRDS)Argon2; N/A95000000
Viuly (VIU) Viuly (VIU)N/A; N/A1000000000
Scorum (SCR) Scorum (SCR)DPoS; DPoS20000000
Düber (DBR) Düber (DBR)N/A; N/A2226000000
Advanced Browsing Token (ABT*) Advanced Browsing Token (ABT*)N/A; N/A300000000
Giftcoin (GFT) Giftcoin (GFT)N/A; N/A-
STAC (STAC) STAC (STAC)N/A; N/A301128956
Quantstamp (QSP) Quantstamp (QSP)N/A; N/A976442388.3211
RiptideCoin (RIPT) RiptideCoin (RIPT)N/A; N/A17999429.802
BitBoost (BBT) BitBoost (BBT)N/A; N/A100000000
GoByte (GBX) GoByte (GBX)NeoScrypt; PoW31800000
Castle (CSTL) Castle (CSTL)X11; PoW/PoS 200000000
Insta Cash Coin (ICC) Insta Cash Coin (ICC)SHA256; PoW300000000
Jibrel Network Token (JNT) Jibrel Network Token (JNT)N/A; N/A-
Quoine Liquid (QASH) Quoine Liquid (QASH)N/A; N/A1000000000
Alqo (ALQO) Alqo (ALQO)Quark; PoW/PoS57879300
KingN Coin (KNC**) KingN Coin (KNC**)Scrypt; PoW/PoS420000
Triaconta (TRIA) Triaconta (TRIA)N/A; N/A-
Publica (PBL) Publica (PBL)N/A; N/A33787150
Magnet (MAG) Magnet (MAG)X11; PoW/PoS144000000
STEX (STEX) STEX (STEX)N/A; N/A100000000
Upfiring (UFR) Upfiring (UFR)N/A; N/A-
LociCoin (LOCI) LociCoin (LOCI)N/A; N/A100000000
Lamden Tau (TAU) Lamden Tau (TAU)DPoS; DPoS500000000
Labrys (LAB) Labrys (LAB)N/A; N/A430000000
Debitum Token (DEB) Debitum Token (DEB)N/A; N/A400000000
Flixxo (FLIXX) Flixxo (FLIXX)N/A; N/A189151328.5746
Farad (FRD) Farad (FRD)N/A; N/A1600000000
PayFair (PFR) PayFair (PFR)N/A; N/A33000000
Electra (ECA) Electra (ECA)NIST5; PoW/PoS30000000000
Ludum token (LDM) Ludum token (LDM)N/A; N/A404926.7576
LiteCoin Gold (LTG) LiteCoin Gold (LTG)N/A; N/A84000000
Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)X13; PoW/PoS210000000
StashPay (STP) StashPay (STP)N/A; N/A500000000
SpankChain (SPANK) SpankChain (SPANK)N/A; N/A1000000000
MyWish (WISH) MyWish (WISH)N/A; N/A19803895.1235
Aerium (AERM) Aerium (AERM)SkunkHash; PoW/PoS500000000
PlexCoin (PLX) PlexCoin (PLX)N/A; N/A1000000000
Autonio (NIO) Autonio (NIO)N/A; N/A220466789
EtherBTC (ETHB) EtherBTC (ETHB)N/A; N/A21000000
Commodity Ad Network (CDX) Commodity Ad Network (CDX)N/A; N/A120000000
FoodCoin (FOOD) FoodCoin (FOOD)N/A; N/A359312486.42417746
Darico (DRC*) Darico (DRC*)N/A; 24000000060000000
Votecoin (VOT) Votecoin (VOT)Equihash; PoW220000000
Uquid Coin (UQC) Uquid Coin (UQC)N/A; N/A40000000
EthLend (LEND) EthLend (LEND)N/A; N/A1299999942
Sether (SETH) Sether (SETH)N/A; N/A100000000
Tio Tour Guides (TIO*) Tio Tour Guides (TIO*)N/A; N/A17100000
The Abyss (ABYSS) The Abyss (ABYSS)N/A; N/A603750000
SHIELD (XSH) SHIELD (XSH)Multiple; PoW660000000
BitCAD (BCD*) BitCAD (BCD*)N/A; N/A100000000
Goldea (GEA) Goldea (GEA)N/A; N/A3000000
BridgeCoin (BCO) BridgeCoin (BCO)Scrypt; PoW27000000
Desire (DSR) Desire (DSR)NeoScrypt; PoW22000000
BitDegree (BDG) BitDegree (BDG)N/A; N/A660000000
onG.social (ONG) onG.social (ONG)N/A; N/A300000000
Oyster Pearl (PRL) Oyster Pearl (PRL)N/A; N/A108592693
BTCMoon (BTCM) BTCMoon (BTCM)N/A; N/A21000000
Ethereum Black (ETBT) Ethereum Black (ETBT)N/A; N/A3999998.59851
ZCashGOLD (ZCG) ZCashGOLD (ZCG)N/A; N/A5000000
Mutual Coin (MUT) Mutual Coin (MUT)Scrypt; PoW/PoS1000000000
Aion (AION) Aion (AION)N/A; N/A465934586.66
Kittehcoin (MEOW) Kittehcoin (MEOW)Scrypt; PoW25000000000
Divi (DIVX) Divi (DIVX)N/A; N/A6171607
Cash & Back Coin (CNBC) Cash & Back Coin (CNBC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS210000000
RChain (RHOC) RChain (RHOC)N/A; N/A870663574
 Arcade City (ARC*) Arcade City (ARC*)N/A; N/A9525398
UltraNote (XUN) UltraNote (XUN)CryptoNight; PoW85000000000
RAFL (RFL) RAFL (RFL)N/A; N/A100000000
CoinFi (COFI) CoinFi (COFI)N/A; N/A300000000
Gold Reward Token (GRX) Gold Reward Token (GRX)N/A; N/A20000000
Neurotoken (NTK) Neurotoken (NTK)N/A; N/A100000000
Eroscoin (ERO) Eroscoin (ERO)N/A; N/A240000000
CyberMiles (CMT*) CyberMiles (CMT*)N/A; N/A1000000000
Relex (RLX) Relex (RLX)N/A; N/A2000000000
People (MAN) People (MAN)Scrypt; PoW7500000000
CryptoWave (CWV) CryptoWave (CWV)N/A; N/A1000000
Achain (ACT*) Achain (ACT*)DPoS; DPoS1000000000
Neuro (NRO) Neuro (NRO)SHA256; PoW/PoS20000000
Social Send (SEND) Social Send (SEND)Quark; PoW/PoS150000000
GlobalToken (GLT) GlobalToken (GLT)SHA256; PoW168000000
X8Currency (X8X) X8Currency (X8X)N/A; N/A49733935.5804942909444764
BitCoal (COAL) BitCoal (COAL)CryptoNight; PoW12500000
DaxxCoin (DAXX) DaxxCoin (DAXX)Ethash; PoW10000000000
Bulwark (BWK) Bulwark (BWK)NIST5; PoW/PoS27716121
FinTab (FNT) FinTab (FNT)N/A; N/A16500000
Monero Gold (XMRG) Monero Gold (XMRG)N/A; N/A21000000
EthereumBitcoin (BTCE) EthereumBitcoin (BTCE)N/A; N/A21000000
FlypMe (FYP) FlypMe (FYP)N/A; N/A35277363
BoxyCoin (BOXY) BoxyCoin (BOXY)Scrypt; PoW100000000
NagaCoin (NGC) NagaCoin (NGC)N/A; N/A77910266.157690633123324857
Universa (UTN) Universa (UTN)N/A; N/A-
Digital Assets Power Play (DPP) Digital Assets Power Play (DPP)N/A; N/A100000000
Adbank (ADB) Adbank (ADB)N/A; N/A1000000000
TargetCoin (TGT) TargetCoin (TGT)N/A; N/A2000100000
XinFin Coin (XDCE) XinFin Coin (XDCE)SHA256; PoS100000000000
BMChain (BMT) BMChain (BMT)N/A; N/A1000000000
Biocoin (BIO) Biocoin (BIO)N/A; N/A10000000000
ModulTrade (MTRC) ModulTrade (MTRC)N/A; N/A100000000
BTC Lite (BTCL) BTC Lite (BTCL)N/A; N/A21000000
PeepCoin (PCN) PeepCoin (PCN)N/A; PoW/PoS40000000000
PayPro (PYP) PayPro (PYP)N/A; N/A25000000
Bitcoin Revolution (RBTC) Bitcoin Revolution (RBTC)N/A; N/A21000000
Verify (CRED) Verify (CRED)N/A; N/A29997543
Super Bitcoin (SBTC) Super Bitcoin (SBTC)SHA256; PoW21210000
Kalkulus (KLK) Kalkulus (KLK)Scrypt; PoW20000000
AC3 (AC3) AC3 (AC3)X11; PoW100000000
GIFTO (GTO) GIFTO (GTO)N/A; N/A1000000000
Time New Bank (TNB) Time New Bank (TNB)N/A; N/A5541877892.218590616799998
Hacken (HKN) Hacken (HKN)N/A; N/A5600000
B2B (B2BX) B2B (B2BX)N/A; N/A19822337.199585433103319875
LockChain (LOC*) LockChain (LOC*)N/A; N/A18585933
Media Network Coin (MNT*) Media Network Coin (MNT*)N/A; N/A125000000
IntenseCoin (ITNS) IntenseCoin (ITNS)CryptoNight; PoW-
SmartMesh (SMT*) SmartMesh (SMT*)N/A; N/A3141592653
GermanCoin (GER) GermanCoin (GER)Scrypt; PoW/PoS50000000000
LiteCoin Ultra (LTCU) LiteCoin Ultra (LTCU)Scrypt; PoW/PoS150000000
MobileGo (EMGO) MobileGo (EMGO)N/A; N/A100000000
Bitair (BTCA) Bitair (BTCA)N/A; N/A1000000000
HOQU (HQX) HOQU (HQX)N/A; N/A300854400
EthereumFog (ETF) EthereumFog (ETF)Ethash; PoW-
BitcoinX (BCX*) BitcoinX (BCX*)DPoS; DPoS210000000000
Luxmi Coin (LUX**) Luxmi Coin (LUX**)N/A; PoW/PoS-
Straks (STAK) Straks (STAK)Lyra2REv2; PoW150000000
BannerCoin (BCOIN) BannerCoin (BCOIN)N/A; N/A100000000
MediBloc (MED*) MediBloc (MED*)N/A; N/A10000000000
CrowdCoinage (CCOS) CrowdCoinage (CCOS)N/A; N/A478571428
Bounty0x (BNTY) Bounty0x (BNTY)N/A; N/A500000000
Bread token (BRD) Bread token (BRD)N/A; N/A88862718
Hawala.Today (HAT) Hawala.Today (HAT)N/A; N/A7000000
aelf (ELF) aelf (ELF)N/A; N/A1000000000
Valorem (VLR) Valorem (VLR)N/A; N/A200000000
Crypto-X (CWX) Crypto-X (CWX)N/A; N/A20333333
DeepBrain Chain (DBC) DeepBrain Chain (DBC)N/A; N/A10000000000
Zen Protocol (ZEN*) Zen Protocol (ZEN*)N/A; N/A100000000
PopularCoin (POP) PopularCoin (POP)Scrypt; PoW4999999999
CrowdCoin (CRC) CrowdCoin (CRC)NeoScrypt; PoW-
PhantomX (PNX) PhantomX (PNX)X11; PoW/PoS50000000
BitAsean (BAS) BitAsean (BAS)N/A; N/A30000000
United Traders Token (UTT) United Traders Token (UTT)N/A; N/A100000000
HomeBlockCoin (HBC) HomeBlockCoin (HBC)X11; PoW/PoS28000000
MicroMoney (AMM) MicroMoney (AMM)N/A; N/A17532943.47918
DavorCoin (DAV) DavorCoin (DAV)Scrypt; N/A40000000
Copico (XCPO) Copico (XCPO)PoS; N/A122500000
Guaranteed Entrance Token (GET) Guaranteed Entrance Token (GET)N/A; N/A33368773.4
Index ERC20 (ERC20) Index ERC20 (ERC20)N/A; N/A12079767119
IoT Chain (ITC) IoT Chain (ITC)N/A; N/A100000000
HTML Coin (HTML) HTML Coin (HTML)SHA256; PoW/PoS90000000000
Numus (NMS) Numus (NMS)Skein; PoW/PoS-
Photon (PHO) Photon (PHO)BLAKE256; PoW 90000000000
ExtraCredit (XTRA) ExtraCredit (XTRA)N/A; N/A600000000
Handelion (HION) Handelion (HION)N/A; N/A29750000
Network Token (NTWK) Network Token (NTWK)N/A; N/A50000000
Sucre (SUCR) Sucre (SUCR)X11; PoW19800000
SmartBillions (SMART*) SmartBillions (SMART*)N/A; N/A7852650
Genaro Network (GNX) Genaro Network (GNX)N/A; N/A675000000
Nebulas (NAS) Nebulas (NAS)N/A; N/A100000000
Accolade (ACCO) Accolade (ACCO)Scrypt; PoW/PoS50000000
Bytether  (BTH) Bytether  (BTH)N/A; N/A21000000
REMME (REM) REMME (REM)N/A; N/A1000000000
TokugawaCoin (TOK) TokugawaCoin (TOK)Scrypt; PoW-
eREAL (EREAL) eREAL (EREAL)N/A; N/A207000000
CompuCoin (CPN) CompuCoin (CPN)Scrypt; PoW35000000
Footy Cash (XFT) Footy Cash (XFT)Scrypt; PoW4500000
QLINK (QLC) QLINK (QLC)N/A; N/A600000000
BitSerial (BTE*) BitSerial (BTE*)N/A; N/A28000000
OmiseGO Classic (OMGC) OmiseGO Classic (OMGC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS70000000
QubitCoin (Q2C) QubitCoin (Q2C)QuBit; N/A-
Bloom Token (BLT) Bloom Token (BLT)N/A; N/A150000000
SportyFi (SPF) SportyFi (SPF)N/A; N/A70673453.985904140157019738
TokenDesk (TDS) TokenDesk (TDS)N/A; N/A14683321.428571428571428571
Galactrum (ORE) Galactrum (ORE)Lyra2REv2; PoW/PoS26280000
Sparks (SPK) Sparks (SPK)NeoScrypt; PoW-
GoaCoin (GOA) GoaCoin (GOA)NeoScrypt; PoW32000000
Fuloos Coin (FLS) Fuloos Coin (FLS)N/A; PoW/PoS100000000
PhilsCurrency (PHILS) PhilsCurrency (PHILS)Scrypt; PoW120000000
GunCoin (GUN) GunCoin (GUN)NeoScrypt; PoW500000000
DFSCoin (DFS) DFSCoin (DFS)Scrypt; PoW/PoS210000000
PolisPay (POLIS) PolisPay (POLIS)X11; PoW25000000
Well (WELL) Well (WELL)N/A; N/A1500000000
FireLotto (FLOT) FireLotto (FLOT)N/A; N/A100000000
CoinLancer (CL) CoinLancer (CL)N/A; N/A300000000
StrongHands (SHND) StrongHands (SHND)SHA256D; PoW/PoS-
ArubaCoin (AUA) ArubaCoin (AUA)N/A; N/A18000000
DNN Token (DNN) DNN Token (DNN)N/A; N/A1000000000
SagaCoin (SAGA) SagaCoin (SAGA)Scrypt; PoW/PoS-
GXShares (GXS) GXShares (GXS)N/A; DPoS100000000
Energo (TSL) Energo (TSL)N/A; N/A1000000000
IrishCoin (IRL) IrishCoin (IRL)Scrypt; PoW64000000
Bodhi (BOT) Bodhi (BOT)N/A; N/A100000000
PumaPay (PMA) PumaPay (PMA)N/A; N/A-
Trollcoin (TROLL) Trollcoin (TROLL)Scrypt; PoW/PoS900000000
Force Coin (FOR) Force Coin (FOR)N/A; PoS220000000
Sugar Exchange (SGR) Sugar Exchange (SGR)N/A; N/A80000000
Jetcoin (JET) Jetcoin (JET)N/A; N/A80000000
MediShares (MDS) MediShares (MDS)N/A; N/A2000000000
Litecoin Plus (LCP) Litecoin Plus (LCP)Scrypt; PoW/PoS4000000
Game (GTC) Game (GTC)N/A; N/A2000000000
iEthereum (IETH) iEthereum (IETH)N/A; N/A18000000
TheGCCcoin (GCC*) TheGCCcoin (GCC*)X13; PoW/PoS2400000000
Sanderon (SDRN) Sanderon (SDRN)N/A; N/A50000000
Ink (INK) Ink (INK)N/A; N/A1000000000
Kubera Coin (KBR) Kubera Coin (KBR)N/A; N/A1162102077
High Performance Blockchain (HPB) High Performance Blockchain (HPB)DPoS; N/A-
Monkey Project (MONK) Monkey Project (MONK)X11; PoW/PoS100000000
Jinn (JINN) Jinn (JINN)N/A; N/A1000000
Setcoin (SET) Setcoin (SET)N/A; N/A1000000000
MagnaCoin (MGN) MagnaCoin (MGN)Quark; N/A30000000
KZCash (KZC) KZCash (KZC)X11; PoW18000000
Gainer (GNR) Gainer (GNR)N/A; PoS40000000
Local World Forwarders (LWF) Local World Forwarders (LWF)DPoS; DPoS100000000
BrightCoin (BRC) BrightCoin (BRC)N/A; N/A70000000
World Crypto Gold (WCG) World Crypto Gold (WCG)SHA256; Proof of Stake900000000
Hive (HIVE) Hive (HIVE)N/A; N/A-
GameX (GX) GameX (GX)N/A; N/A10000000000
Luckbox (LCK) Luckbox (LCK)N/A; N/A600000000
SyncFab (MFG) SyncFab (MFG)N/A; N/A1000000000
EtherLite (ETL) EtherLite (ETL)N/A; N/A100000
Telcoin (TEL) Telcoin (TEL)N/A; N/A100000000000
Dragon Coin (DRG) Dragon Coin (DRG)N/A; N/A500000000
BinaryCoin (BRC*) BinaryCoin (BRC*)N/A; N/A10000000
Sp8de (SPX) Sp8de (SPX)N/A; N/A8888888888
On.Live (ONL) On.Live (ONL)N/A; N/A111000000
Zap (ZAP) Zap (ZAP)N/A; N/A520000000
AI Doctor (AIDOC) AI Doctor (AIDOC)N/A; N/A777775241
ECC (ECC) ECC (ECC)Scrypt; PoS25000000000
Eticket4 (ET4) Eticket4 (ET4)N/A; N/A30000000
LendConnect (LCT) LendConnect (LCT)N/A; N/A6500000
EBCoin (EBC) EBCoin (EBC)N/A; N/A1500000000
Vestarin (VST) Vestarin (VST)N/A; N/A200000000
Internet Node Token (INT) Internet Node Token (INT)N/A; N/A1000000000
Steneum Coin (STN) Steneum Coin (STN)Scrypt; PoW20000000
Saifu (SFU) Saifu (SFU)N/A; N/A-
Pioneer Coin (PCOIN) Pioneer Coin (PCOIN)X11; PoW23000000
Bolenum (BLN) Bolenum (BLN)N/A; N/A10000000
Play 2 Live (LUC) Play 2 Live (LUC)N/A; N/A1308800000
EtherDelta (EDT) EtherDelta (EDT)N/A; N/A1500000000
Cyder Coin (CYDER) Cyder Coin (CYDER)PoS; N/A80000000
Serenity (SRNT) Serenity (SRNT)N/A; N/A400000000
MultiGames (MLT) MultiGames (MLT)N/A; N/A10000000
EchoLink (EKO) EchoLink (EKO)N/A; N/A500000000
UnitedBitcoin (UBTC) UnitedBitcoin (UBTC)SHA256; PoW21000000
Bottos (BTO) Bottos (BTO)N/A; N/A1000000000
Doc Coin (DOC) Doc Coin (DOC)N/A; N/A200000000
ArbitrageCT (ARCT) ArbitrageCT (ARCT)N/A; N/A152029112
ImmVRse (IMV) ImmVRse (IMV)N/A; N/A300000000
Aurora (AURA) Aurora (AURA)N/A; N/A1000000000
IndaHash (IDH) IndaHash (IDH)N/A; N/A400000000
CommerceBlock Token (CBT) CommerceBlock Token (CBT)N/A; N/A1000000000
Interzone (ITZ) Interzone (ITZ)C11; PoW23000000
Black Pearl Coin (XBP) Black Pearl Coin (XBP)X13; PoW/PoS50000000
EXRNchain (EXRN) EXRNchain (EXRN)N/A; N/A100000000000
SingularityNET (AGI) SingularityNET (AGI)N/A; N/A1000000000
BF Token (BFT) (BFT) BF Token (BFT) (BFT)N/A; N/A1000000000
Legolas Exchange (LGO) Legolas Exchange (LGO)N/A; N/A-
Crypterium (CRPT) Crypterium (CRPT)N/A; N/A44029585.582941042857136217
Sigil (SGL) Sigil (SGL)NeoScrypt; PoW50000000
Trinity Network Credit (TNC) Trinity Network Credit (TNC)N/A; N/A1000000000
Forty Seven Bank (FSBT) Forty Seven Bank (FSBT)N/A; N/A-
Crafty (CFTY) Crafty (CFTY)N/A; N/A10000000000
Data (DTA) Data (DTA)N/A; N/A11500000000
CarVertical (CV) CarVertical (CV)N/A; N/A9931143978
DataBroker DAO (DTX) DataBroker DAO (DTX)N/A; N/A225000000
MediChain (MCU) MediChain (MCU)N/A; N/A-
Odyssey (OCN) Odyssey (OCN)N/A; N/A10000000000
Theta (THETA) Theta (THETA)N/A; N/A1000000000
Measurable Data Token  (MDT*) Measurable Data Token (MDT*)N/A; N/A1000000000
Purpose (PRPS) Purpose (PRPS)N/A; N/A999117066.210045663
Decentralized Universal Basic Income (DUBI) Decentralized Universal Basic Income (DUBI)N/A; N/A80473.663007100124198965
Blockport (BPT) Blockport (BPT)N/A; N/A69434799.629211243921141504
Signals Network (SGN) Signals Network (SGN)N/A; N/A150000000
IOS token (IOST) IOS token (IOST)N/A; N/A21000000000
TokenClub  (TCT) TokenClub (TCT)N/A; N/A1000000000
OriginTrail (TRAC) OriginTrail (TRAC)N/A; N/A500000000
Olympus Labs (MOT) Olympus Labs (MOT)N/A; N/A100000000
Zilliqa (ZIL) Zilliqa (ZIL)N/A; N/A12600000000
Ethorse  (HORSE) Ethorse (HORSE)N/A; N/A125000000
QunQun (QUN) QunQun (QUN)N/A; N/A1500000000
Qbao (QBT*) Qbao (QBT*)N/A; N/A100000000
Accelerator Network (ACC*) Accelerator Network (ACC*)N/A; N/A336314
SwftCoin (SWFTC) SwftCoin (SWFTC)N/A; N/A10000000000
Sentinel (SENT) Sentinel (SENT)N/A; N/A2000000000
InsurePal (IPL) InsurePal (IPL)N/A; N/A300000000
OP Coin (OPC) OP Coin (OPC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS2000000000
Safinus (SAF) Safinus (SAF)N/A; N/A1200000
Shacoin (SHA) Shacoin (SHA)SHA256; PoS350000000
Pylon Network (PYLNT) Pylon Network (PYLNT)N/A; N/A633858.311346493889668246
Garlicoin (GRLC) Garlicoin (GRLC)N/A; Scrypt-adaptive-N (ASIC resistant)-
Devery (EVE) Devery (EVE)N/A; N/A100000000
Yee (YEE) Yee (YEE)N/A; N/A10000000000
Repux (REPUX) Repux (REPUX)N/A; N/A500000000
JoyToken (JOY) JoyToken (JOY)N/A; N/A700000000
Global Tour Coin (GTC*) Global Tour Coin (GTC*)Scrypt; N/A91000000
Capdax (XCD) Capdax (XCD)N/A; N/A-
BitcoinWhite (BTW) BitcoinWhite (BTW)DPoS; DPoS60000000
aXpire (AXP) aXpire (AXP)N/A; N/A350000000
Fortuna (FOTA) Fortuna (FOTA)N/A; N/A1000000000
Scry.info (DDD) Scry.info (DDD)N/A; N/A1000000000
CPChain (CPC*) CPChain (CPC*)N/A; N/A1000000000
Spend (SPEND) Spend (SPEND)N/A; N/A50000000
Pundi X (PXS) Pundi X (PXS)N/A; N/A-
Zeepin (ZPT) Zeepin (ZPT)N/A; N/A1000000000
Croat (CROAT) Croat (CROAT)CryptoNight; PoW100467441
RefToken (REF) RefToken (REF)N/A; N/A50000000
SPECTRE Dividend Token (SXDT) SPECTRE Dividend Token (SXDT)N/A; N/A140270691.248776761435171102
SPECTRE Utility Token (SXUT) SPECTRE Utility Token (SXUT)N/A; N/A140270691.248776761435171102
LeadCoin (LDC) LeadCoin (LDC)N/A; N/A-
FairGame (FAIR*) FairGame (FAIR*)N/A; N/A1200000000
Valorbit (VAL) Valorbit (VAL)Scrypt; PoW/PoS92233720000000000
Matrix AI Network (MAN*) Matrix AI Network (MAN*)N/A; N/A250000000
BlockCDN  (BCDN) BlockCDN (BCDN)N/A; N/A1000000000
STK Token (STK) STK Token (STK)N/A; N/A 500000000
Mosaic Network (MZX) Mosaic Network (MZX)N/A; N/A1000000000
CryCash (CRC**) CryCash (CRC**)N/A; N/A7057137
SPiCE Venture Capital  (SPICE) SPiCE Venture Capital (SPICE)N/A; N/A130000000
Quantum1Net (Q1S) Quantum1Net (Q1S)N/A; N/A30000000
Polymath Network (POLY*) Polymath Network (POLY*)N/A; N/A1000000000
Tao (XTO) Tao (XTO)X11; PoW/PoS-
Ruff (RUFF) Ruff (RUFF)N/A; N/A1790300000.0000000000003
Elastos (ELA) Elastos (ELA)N/A; N/A33000000
TokenPay (TPAY*) TokenPay (TPAY*)POS 3.0; PoS25000000
CargoX (CXO) CargoX (CXO)N/A; N/A215119015.62456924698286969
WeToken (WT) WeToken (WT)N/A; N/A600000000
HashGains (HGS) HashGains (HGS)N/A; N/A50000000
Strategic Investments in Significant Areas (SISA) Strategic Investments in Significant Areas (SISA)N/A; N/A50000000
eBit (EBIT) eBit (EBIT)N/A; N/A21000000
RealChain (RCT) RealChain (RCT)N/A; N/A1000000000
Cool Cousin (CUZ) Cool Cousin (CUZ)N/A; N/A300000000
Halal-Chain (HLC) Halal-Chain (HLC)N/A; N/A 1000000000000000000
BetterBetting (BETR) BetterBetting (BETR)N/A; N/A650000000
300 token (300) 300 token (300)N/A; N/A300
Gimmer (GMR) Gimmer (GMR)N/A; N/A100000000
Iungo (ING) Iungo (ING)N/A; N/A100000000
LHCoin (LHC) LHCoin (LHC)N/A; N/A72000000
Bluzelle (BLZ) Bluzelle (BLZ)N/A; N/A500000000
Halal (HALAL) Halal (HALAL)N/A; N/A99000000
Crave-NG (CRAVE*) Crave-NG (CRAVE*)SHA256; PoS1000000000
SwissBorg (CHSB) SwissBorg (CHSB)N/A; N/A1000000000
EQUI Token (EQUI) EQUI Token (EQUI)N/A; N/A250000000
1717 Masonic Commemorative Token (MCT) 1717 Masonic Commemorative Token (MCT)Ethash; PoS1618033
Healthureum (HHEM) Healthureum (HHEM)N/A; N/A150000000
Crypto Wisdom Coin (CWIS) Crypto Wisdom Coin (CWIS)Scrypt; PoW24000000
My Big Coin (MBC) My Big Coin (MBC)Scrypt; PoW and PoS30000000
Gron Digital (GRO) Gron Digital (GRO)N/A; N/A950000000
Swarm Fund (SWM) Swarm Fund (SWM)N/A; N/A100000000
Medicalchain (MTN*) Medicalchain (MTN*)N/A; N/A500000000
WorldBTC (WBTC) WorldBTC (WBTC)Scrypt; PoW/PoS210000000
Denaro (DNO) Denaro (DNO)N/A; N/A100000000
FIC Network (eFIC) FIC Network (eFIC)N/A; N/A316500000
THEKEY Token (TKY) THEKEY Token (TKY)NeoScrypt; N/A10000000000
TurtleCoin (TRTL) TurtleCoin (TRTL)CryptoNight; PoW1000000000000
BiboxCoin (BIX) BiboxCoin (BIX)N/A; N/A271520349.0486829755655
ArcBlock (ABT) ArcBlock (ABT)N/A; N/A186000000
Helbiz (HBZ) Helbiz (HBZ)N/A; N/A1000000000
Care Token (CARE) Care Token (CARE)N/A; N/A10000000
DRP Utility (DRPU) DRP Utility (DRPU)N/A; N/A1013076.917472
Dorado (DOR) Dorado (DOR)Ethash; N/A510000000
Proof Suite Token (PRFT) Proof Suite Token (PRFT)N/A; PoS1300484
Pareto Network Token (PARETO) Pareto Network Token (PARETO)N/A; N/A500000000
Datarius (DTRC) Datarius (DTRC)N/A; N/A-
Intelligence Quotient Benefit (IQB) Intelligence Quotient Benefit (IQB)N/A; N/A10000000000
NeedleCoin (NDC*) NeedleCoin (NDC*)X11; PoS/PoW120000000
Bee Token (BEE) Bee Token (BEE)N/A; N/A500000000
MUNcoin (MUN) MUNcoin (MUN)SkunkHash; PoW16600000
Tigereum (TIG) Tigereum (TIG)N/A; N/A12563793.7023484698469
Loyakk Vega (LYK) Loyakk Vega (LYK)N/A; N/A183000000
DataWallet (DXT) DataWallet (DXT)N/A; N/A1000000000
Satisfaction Token (SAT) Satisfaction Token (SAT)N/A; N/A55000000
Cryptelo Coin (CRL) Cryptelo Coin (CRL)N/A; N/A500000000
Origami (ORI) Origami (ORI)N/A; N/A50000000
Lympo (LYM) Lympo (LYM)N/A; N/A1000000000
Unified Society USDEX (USX) Unified Society USDEX (USX)Scrypt; PoW/PoS232000000
Bitcoin Atom (BCA) Bitcoin Atom (BCA)SHA256; PoW/PoS21000000
eXMR Monero (EXMR) eXMR Monero (EXMR)N/A; PoW/PoS15000000
Fusion (FSN*) Fusion (FSN*)N/A; N/A57344000
Useless Eth Token Lite (UETL) Useless Eth Token Lite (UETL)N/A; N/A8000000
Niobio Cash (NBR) Niobio Cash (NBR)CryptoNight; PoW336000000
Block Array (ARY) Block Array (ARY)N/A; N/A88409932.930609771417285772
Ravelous (RAVE) Ravelous (RAVE)Ethash; N/A100000000
iOlite (ILT) iOlite (ILT)N/A; N/A1000000000
Dai (DAI) Dai (DAI)N/A; N/A19950479.550524461166710769
BunnyCoin (BUN) BunnyCoin (BUN)Scrypt; PoW100000000000
Trident (TRDT) Trident (TRDT)N/A; N/A3000000
Bounty (XBTY) Bounty (XBTY)N/A; N/A3141592
JesusCoin (JC) JesusCoin (JC)N/A; N/A2032518434
Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Bitcoin Private (BTCP)Equihash; PoW21000000
Skeincoin (SKC) Skeincoin (SKC)Skein; N/A17000000
RED MegaWatt (MWAT) RED MegaWatt (MWAT)N/A; N/A700000000
Shekel (JEW) Shekel (JEW)Quark; PoS-
Karma (KRM) Karma (KRM)Groestl; PoS3000000000
Huobi Token (HT) Huobi Token (HT)N/A; N/A500000000
Bitcoin Candy (CDY) Bitcoin Candy (CDY)Equihash; PoW21000000000
ShareChain (SSS) ShareChain (SSS)Scrypt; PoW10000000000
Credence Coin (CRDNC) Credence Coin (CRDNC)SHA256; PoW/PoS25000000
BitcoinFile (BIFI) BitcoinFile (BIFI)N/A; PoS21000000000
Adblurb (ADBL) Adblurb (ADBL)N/A; N/A100000000
Blockchain Traded Fund (BTF) Blockchain Traded Fund (BTF)N/A; N/A200000000
IPChain (IPC*) IPChain (IPC*)N/A; PoS96000000
ShowCoin (SHOW) ShowCoin (SHOW)N/A; PoS10000000000
StarChain (STC) StarChain (STC)N/A; N/A1000000000
Ethfinex Nectar Token (NEC*) Ethfinex Nectar Token (NEC*)N/A; N/A1000000000
AIT Token (AIT) AIT Token (AIT)Lyra2RE; N/A2100000000
Storiqa Token (STQ) Storiqa Token (STQ)N/A; N/A2789577260
ALTcoin (ALT) ALTcoin (ALT)SHA256; N/A134063
Travelflex (TRF) Travelflex (TRF)Dagger; PoW100000000
B3Coin (KB3) B3Coin (KB3)X11; PoW/PoS633982188
fidentiaX (FDX) fidentiaX (FDX)N/A; PoS130000000
KREDS (KREDS) KREDS (KREDS)Lyra2REv2; PoW1100000000
EQUAL (EQL) EQUAL (EQL)N/A; N/A797836741
GraphGrail AI (GAI) GraphGrail AI (GAI)N/A; N/A250000000
Vulcano (VULC) Vulcano (VULC)Scrypt; PoS/PoW12000000000000
Creditcoin (CRE*) Creditcoin (CRE*)N/A; N/A2000000000
DivotyCoin (DTC**) DivotyCoin (DTC**)Scrypt; PoW/PoS100000000
DADI (DADI) DADI (DADI)N/A; N/A100000000
Maggie Token (MAG**) Maggie Token (MAG**)N/A; N/A3200000000
Tokyo Coin (TOKC) Tokyo Coin (TOKC)X13; PoS800000000
UniversalRoyalCoin (UNRC) UniversalRoyalCoin (UNRC)SHA256; PoS-
BiblePay (BBP) BiblePay (BBP)Proof-of-BibleHash; POBh5200000000
Heiss Shares (HYS) Heiss Shares (HYS)N/A; N/A7741327192
LiteCoinW Plus (LCWP) LiteCoinW Plus (LCWP)N/A; N/A84,000,000
NaviAddress (NVT) NaviAddress (NVT)N/A; N/A1000000000
Tokenomy (TEN) Tokenomy (TEN)N/A; N/A200000000
BitFlux (FLX*) BitFlux (FLX*)N/A; N/A100000000
VV Coin (VVI) VV Coin (VVI)N/A; N/A3000000000
Ankorus Token (ANK) Ankorus Token (ANK)N/A; N/A50501621.1030904686494342
Purpose Coin (HLP) Purpose Coin (HLP)N/A; N/A10000000
VinChain (VIN) VinChain (VIN)N/A; N/A1000000000
Shping Coin (SHPING) Shping Coin (SHPING)N/A; N/A10000000000
Petro (PTR) Petro (PTR)N/A; N/A100000000
LitecoinCash (LCC) LitecoinCash (LCC)SHA256; N/A840000000
Bitcoin Royal (BCR*) Bitcoin Royal (BCR*)N/A; N/A7200000
Vanywhere (VANY) Vanywhere (VANY)N/A; N/A800000000
TE-FOOD (TFD) TE-FOOD (TFD)N/A; N/A1000000000
Noxbox (NBX) Noxbox (NBX)N/A; N/A200000000
BABB (BAX) BABB (BAX)N/A; N/A50000000000
Rentberry (BERRY) Rentberry (BERRY)N/A; N/A-
SpaceChain (SPC*) SpaceChain (SPC*)N/A; N/A1000000000
BitFlip (FLIP) BitFlip (FLIP)Scrypt; PoW40000000
Clinicoin (CLIN) Clinicoin (CLIN)N/A; N/A3000000000
DeHedge Token (DHT) DeHedge Token (DHT)N/A; N/A10000000000
Goodomy (GOOD*) Goodomy (GOOD*)N/A; N/A888000000
Enkidu (ENK) Enkidu (ENK)N/A; N/A1500000000
ALAX (ALX) ALAX (ALX)DPoS; DPoS1000000000
Republic Token (REN) Republic Token (REN)N/A; N/A1000000000
Dether (DTH) Dether (DTH)N/A; N/A100000000
All Sports Coin (SOC) All Sports Coin (SOC)N/A; N/A1500000000
Tidex Token (TDX) Tidex Token (TDX)N/A; N/A100000000
LottoCoin (LOT) LottoCoin (LOT)Scrypt; PoW18406979840
Cypherfunks Coin (FUNK) Cypherfunks Coin (FUNK)Scrypt; PoW49275000000
LeafCoin (LEAF) LeafCoin (LEAF)Scrypt; PoW21000000000
Compound Coin (COMP) Compound Coin (COMP)X11; PoW/PoS-
BitCar (BITCAR) BitCar (BITCAR)N/A; N/A500000
Colu Local Network (CLN) Colu Local Network (CLN)N/A; N/A1540701333.592592592592614116
Nihilo Coin (NIHL) Nihilo Coin (NIHL)NeoScrypt; PoW/PoS21000000
BashCoin (BASHC) BashCoin (BASHC)Skein; PoW/PoS72000000
DigiFel (DIGIF) DigiFel (DIGIF)X11; PoW-
DigiMoney (DGM) DigiMoney (DGM)X11; PoW/PoS25000000
Cerberus (CBS) Cerberus (CBS)NeoScrypt; PoW31500000
Mint (MNTS) Mint (MNTS)N/A; N/A500000000
Savedroid (SVD) Savedroid (SVD)N/A; N/A10000000000
Bitcoin Hush (BTCH) Bitcoin Hush (BTCH)Equihash; PoW21000000
redBUX (redBUX) redBUX (redBUX)N/A; N/A20000000000
Auctus (AUC) Auctus (AUC)N/A; N/A80000000
Lizus Payment (LIZ) Lizus Payment (LIZ)Skein; PoW/PoS69000000
Crypto Improvement Fund (CIF) Crypto Improvement Fund (CIF)X11; PoW500000000
Nucleus Vision (NCASH) Nucleus Vision (NCASH)N/A; N/A10000000000
Stipend (SPD) Stipend (SPD)C11; PoW/PoS19340594
Crowd Machine (CMCT) Crowd Machine (CMCT)N/A; N/A2000000000
Robin8 Profile Utility Token (PUT*) Robin8 Profile Utility Token (PUT*)N/A; N/A100000000
Fillit (FILL) Fillit (FILL)N/A; N/A300000000
Poa Network (POA) Poa Network (POA)Proof-of-Authority; PoA252460800
Ravencoin (RVN) Ravencoin (RVN)X16R; N/A21000000000
Ink Protocol (XNK) Ink Protocol (XNK)N/A; N/A500000000
XYO Network (XYO) XYO Network (XYO)N/A; N/A100000000000
Refereum (RFR) Refereum (RFR)N/A; N/A5000000000
Props (PROPS) Props (PROPS)N/A; N/A1000000000
CEDEX Coin (CEDEX) CEDEX Coin (CEDEX)N/A; N/A100000000
Fund Platform (FUND) Fund Platform (FUND)N/A; N/A167000000
Celsius Network (CEL) Celsius Network (CEL)N/A; N/A650000000
Credits (CS*) Credits (CS*)N/A; N/A249471071.21
Pushi (PUSHI) Pushi (PUSHI)X11; PoW/PoS25000000
Bitsense (BINS) Bitsense (BINS)N/A; N/A10000000
PokerCoin (POKER) PokerCoin (POKER)Scrypt; PoS/PoW466666667
Axys (AXYS) Axys (AXYS)N/A; N/A20000000
EvenCoin (EVN*) EvenCoin (EVN*)N/A; PoW10000000
Bold (BOLD) Bold (BOLD)N/A; N/A7777777
Extensive Coin (EXTN) Extensive Coin (EXTN)Scrypt; PoS-
Dignity (DIG) Dignity (DIG)N/A; N/A3000000000
ETH Share (ETS) ETH Share (ETS)N/A; N/A7000000
LIpcoin (LIPC) LIpcoin (LIPC)Scrypt; PoW-
Gift Off Token (GOFF) Gift Off Token (GOFF)N/A; N/A1295000
Ellerium (ELP) Ellerium (ELP)XEVAN; PoW/PoS60000000
Alphacat (ACAT) Alphacat (ACAT)N/A; N/A6250000000
Rock Token (RKT) Rock Token (RKT)N/A; N/A900000000
Eligma (ELI) Eligma (ELI)N/A; N/A500000000
CO2 Token (CO2) CO2 Token (CO2)N/A; N/A290742.137465643879088234
Invox Finance (INVOX) Invox Finance (INVOX)N/A; N/A464000000
Velox (VLX) Velox (VLX)Scrypt; PoS124000000
Action Coin (ACTN) Action Coin (ACTN)N/A; N/A10000000000
Litecoin Cash (LTCH) Litecoin Cash (LTCH)N/A; N/A55000000
Zupply Token (ZUP) Zupply Token (ZUP)N/A; N/A750000000
Hamster Marketplace Token (HMT) Hamster Marketplace Token (HMT)N/A; N/A20000000
Midex (MDX) Midex (MDX)N/A; N/A75000000
Ontology (ONT) Ontology (ONT)N/A; N/A1000000000
USCoin (USDC) USCoin (USDC)Scrypt; PoW-
CashBagCoin (CBC) CashBagCoin (CBC)N/A; N/A367000000
Kind Ads (KIND) Kind Ads (KIND)N/A; N/A-
Callisto Network (CLO) Callisto Network (CLO)N/A; N/A10000000000
Curium (CRU) Curium (CRU)X11; PoW22000000
Elicoin (ELI*) Elicoin (ELI*)YescryptR16; PoW10000000
Mother Of All Tokens (MOAT) Mother Of All Tokens (MOAT)N/A; N/A10000000000
BelugaPay (BBI) BelugaPay (BBI)N/A; N/A90000000
Bezop (BEZ) Bezop (BEZ)N/A; N/A89267250
BitcoinGo (BTCGO) BitcoinGo (BTCGO)N/A; PoS30000000000
Knowledge  (KNW) Knowledge (KNW)N/A; N/A150000000
Pegascoin (PGC) Pegascoin (PGC)Dagger-Hashimoto; PoW-
BitRewards (BIT) BitRewards (BIT)N/A; N/A-
Plutocoin (PTC**) Plutocoin (PTC**)Scrypt; PoW/PoS100000000
Pikciochain (PKC) Pikciochain (PKC)N/A; N/A83088000
StasyQ (SQOIN) StasyQ (SQOIN)N/A; N/A350000000
Titanium BAR (TBAR) Titanium BAR (TBAR)N/A; N/A60000000
Taklimakan (TKLN) Taklimakan (TKLN)N/A; N/A1000000000
CoinPlace Token (CPL) CoinPlace Token (CPL)N/A; N/A35000000
Interplanetary Broadcast Coin (IPBC) Interplanetary Broadcast Coin (IPBC)CryptoNight; PoW1000000000
Cube (AUTO) Cube (AUTO)N/A; N/A7200000000
Charg Coin (CHG) Charg Coin (CHG)N/A; N/A90000000
Project Shivom (OMX) Project Shivom (OMX)N/A; N/A3000000000
Havven (HAV) Havven (HAV)N/A; N/A100000000
TomoChain (TOMO) TomoChain (TOMO)N/A; N/A100000000
Chimaera (CHI) Chimaera (CHI)NeoScrypt; PoW555555555.556
MobileBridge Momentum (CHF) MobileBridge Momentum (CHF)N/A; N/A1000000000
INV* (Invacio) INV* (Invacio)N/A; N/A450000000
W3Coin (W3C) W3Coin (W3C)N/A; N/A200000000000
Dinero (DIN) Dinero (DIN)NeoScrypt; PoW-
Insights Network (INSTAR) Insights Network (INSTAR)N/A; N/A209823369
CoinPoker Token (CHP) CoinPoker Token (CHP)N/A; N/A354786434.7025
Poseidon (PSD) Poseidon (PSD)Scrypt; PoW21000000
JET8 (J8T) JET8 (J8T)N/A; N/A1468857774.5777
Data by CryptoCompare API
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