Ripple (XRP): What is ripple coin?

ripple coin

Among the thousands of crypto-currencies available on the market, ripple is one of the biggest fishes in the pond. But while ripple coins are famous, they're not the main product of the company. ...

What is an altcoin?

altcoin alt coin

These days, everybody talks about altcoins. Indeed, bitcoin is no longer a profitable coin to mine if you don't have the specialized hardware. Therefore, people are looking for easier coins to mine. ...

What is blockchain technology?

blockchain technology explained

I'm sure you've heard of the term previously. I guess in the news about the most popular cryptocurrency a.k.a. bitcoin. Because blockchain, originally block chain, is the disruptive technology behind ...

Ethereum: A premium alternative to bitcoin


If you're interested in ethereum for the first time, it's probably because you've been amazed by the recent evolution of its price. Indeed, after being stable for months, below the 10 euros mark, ...

Best Bitcoin Alternative