Thank you – Let’s Earn Some Free Crypto Now!

From now on, you’ll be stacking sats and earning free crypto!

Free Bitcoins

Let me remind you that there are only 21 million bitcoins in the world.


And there are now over 7 billion people on earth… So, obviously, not everyone is going to have 1 BTC in their wallet. And I bet the price is going to reach the moon soon enough. I want to be part of the trip – I want my Lambo too! That’s why I’m grinding every day to that end.

I’ve found all of the possible ways to earn bitcoin for FREE on the Internet.

And I’m sharing them with you on this site.

To get you started, I’d recommend you to have a wallet like Trezor. Because we always say: Not your keys, not your coins. And it’s true. You need to be very careful who do you trust. While it’s painful to lose 1,000 satoshis, it’s another thing to lose 1,000,000 of them…

If you earn some free bitcoin, send them to your wallet. That way, they’re yours. And if you want to earn interest on a platform, make sure it’s trustable! I recommend a few of them that I trust with my own coins.

Enough with the talk, now is the time for action!

Bitcoin Faucets

These are my all-time favorites:

  2. Cointiply
  3. Bit Fun
  4. Bonus Bitcoin


Here are some games with nice payouts, if you think the sites above are too boring:

  1. RollerCoin (Mining Simulator)
  2. Satoshi Quiz (Quiz)
  3. Battle Coin (PVP)
  4. Bit Fun
  5. BitKong


If you’re a casino aficionado, here are some of the best gambling sites:

  1. Bitcoin Rush
  2. Bit Casino

There are many other ways to get free bitcoins. But it’s already a good start, especially if you don’t know your way with crypto yet. I believe the most important now is for you to find a routine to maximize your earnings. No matter what platform you select, you need the commitment to succeed.

Free Basic Attention Tokens

This a pro tip to maximize your earnings and protect your privacy.

We use and recommend Brave, a free browser that includes:

  • A privacy shield to block data-grabbing ads and trackers
  • Rewards to earn frequent flier-like tokens just for browsing
  • Tips and contributions settings to websites like ours!

When using Brave, you receive FREE BAT tokens every month. Over 8 million users use it daily, join them today!

Best of luck!

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